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Coop Campaign VH or Legendary

ChrisRobMNTCChrisRobMNTC Registered Users Posts: 3
Spoiler I'm fairly new to Total War but I have years of experience with many different strategy games both RTS and Turn Based. Ive discovered Normal is far too easy but I've been jammed up pretty bad on Legendary in Solo so if anyone wants to play I'm willing to try a difficulty at your suggestion. Also I don't currently have a mic. Oh and I'm not set on an particular faction but I want to try something new (not Rome) and Egypt seems like a nice fit so I'm hoping for a Carthage, Partial or Selucid ally. But once again I'm fairly new so I'm open to different ideas. Looking to get started asap and I'm willing to play everyday when possible but don't mind just playing when you're available. THANKS


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