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Multiplayer campaign beta for Chaos DLC

So, this is not a thread to discuss the chaos DLC, the point of the thread is wether CA or SEGA could give us once more beta keys, with the same reason they had at the last time: to appease angry Total War players. Now, it is not the disastrous launch of Rome II, now it is the chaos DLC . To release the multiplayer campaign for everyone should not be an excuse, it should be more an evidence that you care for your players. These people still playing Empire are not afraid against some bugs or CTDs, they want only play together. And there are many people playing Empire, it is everytime in the top 100 played steam games. And I can't believe that you have only a limited amount of keys, it is your game,so it should be under your control, or am I false? So wouldn't it be worth it to open it to everyone, compared to what it costs you? Or if that is too expensive, you could open the related code, so the modders in the community will make it available. But you should have everytime in mind, that even little things can be important symbols. And that is what you need CA/SEGA: you need to show us that you are still the company making the games, which we love.
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