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Siege Escalation in TW:Warhammer

TorchveinTorchvein Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 22
edited March 2016 in General Discussion
I'm aware that CA have only just began to feed in info concerning sieges, but I was curious if anyone had picked up anything about whether they are carrying siege escalation into Warhammer. I feel that it was implemented fairly well in Attila (though some refinements could of course be made), and after reading the Dev Blog on sieges I feel that there's a lot of potential for it to work even better in Warhammer. I personally really like what they say they're doing with sieges (though of course we haven't actually seen it in motion), and I feel that there's a lot more that they can do with escalation now; think of entire streets blocked off or barricaded, creating advantages for the defenders to exploit as well as for the attackers.

So as I said, has anyone heard anything? And what do people want CA to do with the escalation mechanic, in TW Warhammer and other future entries in the franchise?


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