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How expendable units are!

vivapinatvivapinat Registered Users Posts: 27
So, having watched all the quest battles and every other video I can get my hands on that flooded youtube this past week, I must say. Holy cow, I love it. I really enjoy how units die, and I mean that literally. I like how at the end of proper battles you have very few units left, usually your high tiers survived but your low tiers get utterly decimated and to me that feels very Warhammer like.

When I read the Warhammer books, in battles entire units get sacrificed and there are bodies everywhere. This I feel is represented in TW:W, I also feel that with how they've let Youtubers come and play the game and now the latest siege battle being unscripted on a newer version of the game I feel safe saying I expect this game to be great and look forward to giving CA all my money instead of steam during the steam summer sale or Wallet normandy.


  • LuciferLucifer Member England U.KRegistered Users Posts: 2,177
    It really does have that feeling of loss to it which I really like. Not everything it taken so easily and it can be a hard fight. It's truly going to be epic by the time the expansions and flc/dlc are done. It's going to keep me entertained for years to come. I do hope they expand on this though, and perhaps do a multiplayer version where it's a world one can join the race they wish and be the character they want to be. As a lord, necromancer and such and attach to other armies and go raiding and what not. You could recieve missions daily that help your faction but the world would be enormous and cater for many players per faction. Ah, fun to dream away. ;)

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  • Nitros14#7973Nitros14#7973 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,633
    I like that you can lose a ton of zombies expending them in a battle then just raise a ton more cheap after the battle.
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