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some thoughts

koprokopro Registered Users Posts: 2

I know this has been up on the wall plenty times, well here we go again.

I've grown up with warhammer, played the tabletop game for 15 years and i get sad that i have to preorder the game to get Chaos, or pay extra afterwards to get em. They are one of the most if not the most important faction in the warhammer universe.

I preordered Street fighter 5 for 59 euros some months ago, since im a big fan of that franchise, played it since 1990 and what did i get? yes i got a totally broken game that dont even work until now.

So to the point. Im disgusted how the gaming industry works today. You take like one of the biggest faction of a huge popular universe and make it day-1-dlc and u get it for free if u prepurchase ur game(that maybe isnt even fisnished, what i heared u had rocky lunches before?!) instead of putting it in from the beginning. i could have understood if u took a minor faction as day 1 dlc maybe as ogre kingdom or whatever. But since u want to get big numbers on ur preorder u took Chaos. For me i will never buy this game and i feel ashamed on your behafs.

Happy eastern
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