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Question about the Warhammer Specs

Akiba144Akiba144 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Technology
So my Specs are:

i7-4790k 4.0 GHz

GTX 970



I looked at the Specifications for TW:WH over at this site:


I meet nearly every requirements for the " PC 60+ Specifications" (NEARLY; i have a 970 and not an 980)

So i should be able run this game pretty well when it comes out, according the thread/page i linked.
My only problem is that im not even able to run ROME 2 (nor Attila) on maxed out settings with constant 60< FPS. So right now Im worried that i wont even be able to play this game on medium because i can't even run Attila properly. So do you think the performance will be better in this game? Or is there something wrong with my parts? Do I need new parts?

Thank you
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  • BeliskBelisk Member Registered Users Posts: 173
    Max settings are not necessarily the same as ultra. Usually on an ultra preset you will have certain options disabled that currently used a lot of resources for arguably little gain.

    For example their AA option on ultra is MLAA. There are certainly more taxing options.

    They don't include,

    Depth of field.
    Screen space reflections.

    So that is an obvious difference between "MAX" and "ULTRA".
  • Madmen81Madmen81 Registered Users Posts: 3
    i have a geforce gtx 640. im worry that the game will not loook as great or i will have problems. what are your guys opinion
  • IchonIchon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,858
    Madmen81 said:

    i have a geforce gtx 640. im worry that the game will not loook as great or i will have problems. what are your guys opinion

    Probably it will run but not at a level most people would find enjoyable.
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  • Madmen81Madmen81 Registered Users Posts: 3
    yea thats what i am worried about i just cant afford a new pc right now but any recommendations for a new pc
  • doinwork34doinwork34 Technical Moderator Colorado, USRegistered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators Posts: 2,893
    Belisk has a good point.

    Usually ultra settings are the "going all out" settings. Settings that the average player wont even be able to tell are there or not. (usually new techs or ultra fine detail that the developers can put into the game for those who have enthusiast grade PCs)

    So my point is, high settings will look just about as good as the game can. But the ultra settings will give it an extra pop of eye candy.

    The other options are to overclock you video card. That may get you into the ultra range, but your FPS will suffer a bit. You could also try and sli your 970 so that you dont have to spend money on a 980 and have a useless 970.
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