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Carrying Over From Rome II...

thewhiteindianthewhiteindian Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 418
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Lately I have seen a number of mods good enough to challenge the creative direction of Creative Assembly. Some of them are the Viking Age, of course DeI, and Heraklios: War of Three Religions. I have also seen and heard of a couple mods trying to bring Rome II assets into Attila (Including Ancient Empires). -
So my real question is: Are there any mods out there that let you rule as the Roman Empire under the Nerva-Antonine Dynasty or during the Second-Century? Or a mod like the Ancient Empires: Attila mod (Which I have not seen much development from)?
Where can I find TWC's best mods?
There is a United Roman Empire mod, but it is R.E. under Theodosius c. 395 AD, is there an overhaul set earlier?
What is the status of the Ancient Empires mod?

Lastly, will CA allow modders to carry over IP from Rome II to make true successor mod? and has anyone made an attempt to bring DeI to life inside the Attila build?

Thank you,
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