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multiplayer deysnc

Deacon412Deacon412 Registered Users Posts: 806
edited April 2016 in Multiplayer
had a desync my buddy was vandals and i was the anteans or what ever its spelled
it was turn one not even turn two, he attacked a settlement near him and then i was attacked by the roxolnonians when trying to go to turn two and when loading into my battle as soon as he loaded in he got a pop up that said waiting for players 299 seconds and mine was counting down the whole time but when he loaded it switched back to 299 and froze.
we were on 10 min turn times, normal difficulty, 60 minute battles, small unit sizes. battle resolution was play battle, and show ai turn times was turned off.

Your type of connection to router. Is it a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable connection? : ethernet
Does your MP partner have a broadband connection? : broadband
Do users currently have or have previously used MODs? : never used mods
What languages and game regions are all affected players playing in? : english and same town
Are users using in game voice chat? : no
What are the PC specs of all affected users?
What DLC is installed for all affected players? : none for one player and all but one for the other
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