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AI problems when CPU players are the attacker in a multiplayer siege battle

DeathBySnuSnuDeathBySnuSnu Posts: 1Registered Users
Hello -

A friend and I love playing co-op vs. AI battles in Attila. We've played pretty much every mode and generally enjoy ourselves, but there are quite frequently serious problems when we play city siege maps as defenders against attacking AI.

Every now and then. the AI will bring it's heavy siege towers and ram to our gates, unload the 2 or 3 units attached to the equipment and promptly get destroyed by our defenders. Then, for whatever reason, the rest of the AI army retreats out of tower range and just runs around in circles, in a giant blob.

This has happened on multiple city maps, so it's not a single city problem. Generally speaking though, it only SEEMS to happen on cities that are shaped irregularly (not a simple square city, or a city with walls that can't be scaled in certain places. If my post generates enough interest, I'd be happy to check the names of the individual cities that we experienced this problem. Here are some pictures of the problem I'm talking about.

As you can see, we are waiting in the city, and they have towers on our walls, with our gate wide open. The other two towers were crossing the river, and suddenly decided to turn around and drive themselves directly into the massive blob that the enemies created. (We actually managed to sally out and kill all of them, DES VULT!)

We almost always play 2 human players vs. 3 AI attackers, so my gut tells me the amount of units is causing the problem? We obviously enjoy the game, but since we don't have a lot of time to play together, when this happens it's always a drag. Is there any way to fix this? Are some cities not good to defend against the AI?

Happy to provide more info if necessary!



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