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Could somebody make this mod ?

lori3lori3 Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm playing attila total war since its released. I had played aksum and sassadin, but then i decided to try the western roman empire.

I do pretty well, somehow the eastern side decided to be my puppet state along whit a bunch of other nation, but sassadins declared war on me.
I sent 2 full legions one from the north and one from the south so i can try to conquer them. One had failed, the other destroyed 3 factions this far, but its running out of troops, and mercenaries doesn't seem enough to compare whit the whole sassadin kingdom and its puppet states.

I'w been thinking about settleing down, but i have much corruption already going on in my empire, and i can't support its penalties if i'd decide to occupy then leave the conquered settlements instead of razing it.

My point is:

Could you make a mod which either disables the penalties for abandoning settlements, or creates a new, lets say 'Fortify' option after a settlement is occupyed, which makes the settlement easy to abandon, but it has limited possibilities, for example the only thing you can construct and upgrade its a military camp and instead of getting money in order to maintain the settlement you would need to pay to maintain it
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