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Forum Terms and Conditions

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This review of key concepts in the 'Terms of Service', which you agreed to when you registered for this forum, is, along with the Sega rules of conduct , a minimal outline to give you an idea of the behaviours to be avoided or expected of members while using these forums. Users are also expected to have knowledge of general good manners and forum etiquette. If you are unsure about any of the above, feel free to contact a Volunteer Moderator or member of staff.

These forums are privately owned and operated. If you use common sense and act responsibly within the guidelines, your opinion will be respected. That said, these guidelines and other regulations do restrict what the moderators and administration may allow to be published particularly as these forums are published across a number of legally varied environments. Crimes committed on the internet are punishable by the laws in your respective countries, so please be aware that 'internet anonymity' in the face of criminal proceedings, is a myth.

Although the administrators and moderators of Total War forums - official forums of the Total War series - will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is not always possible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Total War forums - official forums of the Total War series, nor Vanilla (developers of the forums) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By registering an account you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You must be aged 13 or over to register. If you are under 13 you acknowledge you have parental consent to use the forums.
Be respectful to everyone on the forums. Flaming, insulting or abusing anyone will not be tolerated.
Please use the appropriate language for the section of the forums you are using.
Do not post any personally identifiable information.
Do not post anything that can be considered offensive, including but not limited to: racism, sexism, discussions about politics or religion, etc.
Names and signatures must be appropriate and not break any of these terms and conditions.
Linking to external sites should be avoided where possible. SEGA accepts no responsibility for the contents of any external links.
Only register one account for the forums. Any duplicate accounts will be deleted.
When downloading from the forums it is at your own risk and SEGA accepts no responsibility for any resulting damages from downloading attachments.
Do not use post or share any copyrighted content on the forums that you do not own the rights to.
Any posts advocating illegal activities will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forums.

Our moderators reserve the right to take action on any users that break these conditions. This action may result in a permanent ban if the offence is severe enough.

All content submitted on our forums belongs to SEGA, please do not post anything personal/creative if you do not want to accept this.
Do not post anything offensive, sexual, political, religious, nationalistic, etc. that is likely to be considered sensational, confrontational, or controversial.

Obviously failure to follow the rules and generally act responsibly will result in an ascending series of sanctions. A point system is used to track offenses, although discretion and special circumstances may result in actions up to and including immediate perma-banning (such as a poster promoting piracy or other criminal behaviour).

1) Respect:]
1.1 Please do not disrespect any other forum users, including volunteer moderators or CA staff
1.2a Please do not practice negative behaviour: personal attacks/bashing/baiting/spamming, etc.
1.2b Please do not use taunting/trolling (behaviour with the deliberate goal of being controversial or offensive)
1.3 Commenting on a decision/action made by a volunteer moderator or CA staff member is not allowed .
1.4 All decisions by staff are final. If you have a genuine question about an action you may ask the staff member who took the action, although they are not required to respond. If you have a question that remains unanswered, please PM an Administrator.
1.5 Avoid using words or phrases with all capital letters (it is considered shouting)
1.6 We do not allow spam or advertising material or posting off-forum links that connect to spam, advertising material, or any form of protests (this includes boycotts and petitions centered around any anti-developer/publisher campaigns). Doing so will get you banned.
1.7 Avoid bumping (posting on a thread simply to get it back to the top of the list), or flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) or necroing (posting to revive a long inactive thread).
1.8 Personal Messages sent to other users using your forum account must comply with the Forum Rules, just the same as any public forum post.
1.9 Do not pretend being someone else. Impersonating someone is not accepted on these forums, and is a quick way to find the (involuntary) exit.

2) False Information and illegal content:
2.1 You will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, is material of a sexual matter, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise unlawful.

3) Names and signatures:
3.1 For both you will have to respect everything above and below. Choosing what is considered to be an offensive or controversial name or signature is not accepted.
3.2 If needed we will edit your name/signature without consulting you, and other warnings/sanctions might be applied when required.
3.3 Signatures need to be kept readable and user friendly.

4) External links:
4.1 External links are discouraged unless they refer to one of the following:
4.1.1 History reference sites to support a discussion
4.1.2 Total War related discussions requiring citation of a site such as Reviewer sites/fan-sites/social medias
4.1.3 YouTube videos informing others of useful information or where this is the subject of the thread (such as our OT sharing 'what you're listening to' music thread)
4.2 These exceptions are also subject to the other rules of the ToS (E.G. no videos with offensive language, racism, etc.)
4.3 Our volunteer moderators and CA staff will remove any link they judge inappropriate. Spamming videos and/or links will get them, and you, removed.

5) TotalWar.com Forum Behaviour:
5.1a Post threads only in the appropriate forums (read sub-forum descriptions for help)
5.1b Before posting a new thread ensure it does not already exist
5.2a Country, faction and culture threads have a regular tendency to break our forum rules. If a certain culture, faction or country is not included in the game it is purely due to design reasons and not due to any other factor such as politics or prejudice.
5.2b All history is, to some degree, the received view of those who record, recount or interpret it. When discussing culture, faction or country we expect a very high calibre of rationale. Expressions of nationalism or racism will not be tolerated. Any thread that has deviated from its course will be closed.
5.3 No reference to No-CD hacks, cracked and/or pirated software (that goes for all software) will be accepted. Anyone posting such a reference will be banned permanently.
5.4 Copyrighted material is not accepted unless you are the owner or have authorization of the owner to use the copyrighted material (also see the intellectual property rights section below)
5.5 Commentary on 'industry-wide policies', 'comparative game company business models', and like subjects are discouraged. These tend to devolve into R&R, bashing and flaming posts that do nothing to improve player access to developers; disseminate game ideas; create balance discussions; or other serious benefits that can result from the exchange of ideas amongst developers and players. There are other places where one may debate about the business-end of the discussion pool, but that is not here, thus threads and posts of this nature will usually be removed.
5.7 Summon a moderator if someone seems to be out of line, or use the report button. Do NOT become another party to misbehaviour
5.8 We will delete any comments breaching one or more rules and any comments regarding a moderation action as these are not open for discussion
5.9 If you want to help us or report an issue or a post the fastest way to get our attention is to use the report button but you may alternatively elect to contact one of our volunteer moderators from this list: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/106875-Where-to-Find-CA-Mods-on-the-Forums

6) Languages:
6.1 4 languages are not currently supported on our forums, the default for the forums is English. Any other languages will have to be translated by you (including any material in your signatures). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

7) Access to our forums and forum accounts:
7.1 You are only allowed one Account. Maintaining multiple accounts may result in sanctions against all.
7.2 Access to the forums can be limited/restricted/prevented without any reasons being given. If done intentionally then your account has received too many infractions given for the time being. If not done intentionally the forums might be undergoing some changes/updates.
7.3 It is your responsibility to ensure your account respects all the rules stated above and below. We reserve all rights on your forum account and can terminate it without any prior notice being given. We will do our best to explain our reasons but have no obligation to do so.

8) Downloading from our forums:
8.1 We cannot verify all links and attached files on our forums. All downloads from our forums or from links on our forums are at your own risk. We will remove all dangerous material once identified as a risk but we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurred to your computer because of such material.

9) Intellectual property rights:
9.1 Everything you post on these forums becomes property of SEGA. If you have any personal projects or materials please do not post them on these forums.
9.2 Any ideas or designs you give us is out of your own free will. When asking for feedback on our games we are not asking for a full design idea but only for modifications based on what already exists in our games. If you decide however to send us a full idea and we do use it, please bear in mind that this idea/design is no longer yours.

10) Submitting content on these forums:
10.1 It is our full right to close delete or move any threads submitted on these forums. If content is judged to be inappropriate it will be removed. While we respect everyone's right to express themselves, the right to express one's self stops when it infringes other people’s rights, such as described here and by the law in the various locales where this forum shall be deliberately published.
10.2 We do not accept any discussions regarding religion, politics, race, sexuality, morality, etc. except when referring to a game mechanics/situation or to a historical situation effecting game portrayal. Even under these circumstances, the bar is set very high. Expect these sorts of threads to have short leashes, or short lives.
10.3 Please be aware that forums and rules may change. In this regard this set of rules will be updated to represent those changes. If unsure please do not hesitate to contact one of our moderators.
10.4 If reporting a bug please post in the relevant Support forum corresponding to the game where you experienced your issue. Bear in mind that only our latest games and patches will receive CA staff support. The other support forums are community based help forums. If you want official help you can also contact our Customer Service after having read the FAQs available here (scroll down to see older games): https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/categories/200307381-Total-War-Support

11) Consequences
11.1 There are consequences for failing to:
Follow the terms and conditions set for the total war forums.
Failure to observe common courtesy and common sense;
Failure to follow moderator or staff advice, direction, or heed their warning will result in further action.
11.2 Each infraction gives you a certain amount of points if it is more than a warning.
11.3 Bans start once you have 3 active infraction points.
11.4 As you are allowed to have only one account, creating a new one while being banned (permanently or not) is not allowed. This new account will be deleted, and probably add some new points to your existing account, up to and including a permanent ban.
Formal disclaimer: any views or opinions expressed here are those of the poster and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of The Creative Assembly or SEGA.
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