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Greenskin sub faction discussion

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The thread to talk about all things to do with the Greenskin AI factions upon launch. The Known Greenskin AI factions/Tribes are many and they are as follows:

.Top Knotz
.Teef Snatchaz
.Skullsmasherz (Savage Orcs)
.Skabby Eye
.Red Fangs
.Red Eye
.Orcs of the Bloody Hand
.Crooked Moon
.Broken Nose
.Bloody Spearz

Within the lore some of the above tribes are made up of only one kind of Greenskin (eg. Crooked Moon is a night goblin tribe) If CA takes a similar route and makes some of these tribes Greenskin type specific it will be noted above come launch. It is currently known that the Skullsmasherz are a band of Savage Orc hordes that will seek to unite together towards the start of a campaign and will then proceed to rampage around the map at random if not stopped. This sub faction will likely have a roster made up of the Savage Orc units and perhaps the forest goblin ones that can be found in the current Greenskin roster (Further elaboration will be made come launch)

A further note should be made that of all the current implicated races, the Greenskin sub factions are almost definitely going to be the most fragmented throughout the overall campaign

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