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Effect of Armories and Swordsmiths?

timoteobtimoteob Posts: 2Registered Users
HI all,

I am returning to an old favorite and I was looking over the manual and tech tree when I realized I don't have the slightest clue what armories and swordsmiths do. Yeah, I know the make the armor and weapons better but by how much.

For example, according to the info on this link the stats on a Yari Samurai are:
Charge: 0, Attack: 0, Defense: 2, Armour: 2, Speed: 5, 8, 9.5, Morale: 2, Cost: 200
So does having and an armory improve the armor value to 3 or some other value?

Thanks in advance for any information.


  • timoteobtimoteob Posts: 2Registered Users
    Well I found some answers and I will share them incase any one else stumbles upon this post.

    I found a good file at this location:


    It's called the Shogun Academy and it has tons of great info.

    Here is the main points:

    Combat is resolved between a single attacking man and a single defending man. Each man may make only one attack per animation cycle, but may be attacked any number of times. The basic method is to take the melee factor for the attacking man's type, subtract the defender's defend factor, and add or subtract any situational factors. This gives a final combat factor, which is used to determine if the attacker kills or pushes back the defender. Combat Factor = Att's Melee Factor - Def's Defend Factor Each factor increment in this final value gives a 20 percent increase to the chance of killing the defender. The combat factor is capped at -20 and +20 at the two extremes. A quote from Longjohn regarding how charging is resolved when two units charge at one another " ..as regards who gets to fight first in charge, it depends who runs into who on an individual man level. All the men of one unit are moved before the next unit, so if the units hit each other absolutely straight on with all the men perfectly lined up, then one unit would get an advantage all along the line. However, you all know how (un)likely that is .. " Each unit is advanced on the ground one unit at a time, rather than individual men. The time-tick is so fast that players will not be aware of this. If you line up one unit against another perfectly in parallel, the first to attack goes to the unit who is lucky enough such that when it is his time to move, contacts the enemy unit. Of course, lining up perfectly is highly unlikely during battle, and as such how many of the men within the unit get to strike first depends on the angle of contact. This element is beyond the control of the general, as in any real battle, the element of luck can play a part in its outcome. Usually the side to strike first has some slight advantage over the other. However, charge bonus-wise, both sides will have it for the first few seconds of H2H. CHAPTER THREE - RESOLVING H2H COMBAT Combat Factor Modifiers The tables below show the various modifiers for online battles. Situational Factor + Attacker melee factor - Defender defend factor + Attacker charge bonus -4 If attacker is a cavalry unit facing yari armed troop (YA, YS and YC) +4 If attacker is yari armed troop facing cavalry +5 If attacking flank +7 If attacking rear +12 If charging into flank or rear +4 If defender is running away +6 If attacker has routed defender in prior attack Terrain Factor -2 If attacker is cavalry attacking infantry in woods +2 If attacker is infantry attacking cavalry in woods +5 If attacking a defender who has no space to fight properly, e.g. on bridge Formation Factor +3 If attacker is in wedge formation +3 If attacking a defender in wedge formation -2 If attacker is in hold the line mode -2 If attacking a defender in hold the line mode Fatigue Factor -2 If attacker is quite tired -3 If attacker is very tired -4 If attacker is exhausted -6 If attacker is totally exhausted +1 If attacking a defender who is very tired +2 If attacking a defender who is exhausted +3 If attacking a defender who is totally exhausted From Longjohn feedback, the chance of a successful kill by an attacker is given by approximately chance-to-kill = 0.019 x (1.2)^(combat factor) where 0.019 = base chance 1.2 = the 20% percentage improvement ^ = to the power CF = range [-20, +20] Thus the range of chance-to-kill is [0.05%, 72.8%]. A quote from Terazawa on wedge formation " ..units on wedge die faster from missile, but they move faster than normal formation.. " Another quote from Katasaki on the same issue " ..because they also cause extra losses. You really should only use the wedge with high honour or high morale units because the sudden loss of men would make lesser willed men run.. " More of units statistic relating to honour, weapon and armour upgrading are covered in Appendix A. Morale is an important factor during battle. This is covered in Appendix B. CHAPTER THREE - RESOLVING H2H COMBAT A Bit on Upgrades From Longjohn feedback, each +1 honour upgrade adds +1 to a unit melee factor and +1 to the defend factor. Yuuki from his empirical trials found that each +1 honour adds +2 to the unit morale. Each +1 weapon upgrade adds +1 to a unit melee factor, while each +1 armour upgrade adds +1 to a unit defend factor and +1 to the armour rating. Armour rating is used to determine protection from missiles and is not used in the calculation of combat factor. A quote from Yuuki regarding honour on missile troops " ..ranged units are supposed to have better accuracy with higher honor, but, if so, it's a small effect.. " From experiments in SP mode, we found that a H0 SA is as good as H2 or higher honour SA in terms of missile kills. However, musketeers at higher honour has observable higher kills from better accuracy, which ends at about H4. This could be because that, from the Troopstat, the base accuracy for SA is 0.6 while it is 0.17 for musketeer. Assuming that accuracy improves in fix step-size, the musketeers improvement will be higher percentage wise since its base is lower. An interesting quote Terazawa " ..I think armour upgrade will decrease the kills of a unit which is fired upon. In fact, it's more expensive that honour/weapon because the latter don't increase armour. In my months playing MI, my muskets honour3 Armour 1 almost never got beaten by any other combination (I've always beaten hon4 guns) which are same/better as an hon5 gun.. "
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