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[MODS] Angry Wild Life

OneahOneah Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 120
After watching all the cool battlefield overview videos for Warhammer total war, It gave me a really cool idea for something that really wouldn't make sense in any other type of total war game, that random thing is... Wild Life!
So what do I mean by this...? Well, it would be really cool in my opinion if maps had random encounters with wild life that exist in the warhammer universe. Lets say for example.. your fighting in a forest and all the sudden angry wild tree Ents make an appearance and begin tearing down on both armies. Lets say your fighting in the mountains and suddenly from their nests wild Gryphins show up or a slumbering dragon awakens and rains down terror! Well I hope you get the idea by now.

Having these random events possibly happening during a fight would add a cool new element to the game. Make them fairly rare so it doesn't become annoying, specially certain encounters like a Dragon.

This wouldn't really make sense in previous total war games but in Warhammer total war it's not like you can't have these things happening. What do you guys think?


  • Markal159#7038Markal159#7038 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 11
    I really like this idea, It would reinforce the feeling of a dangerous warhammer world :blush:
  • PanzerKnightPanzerKnight Registered Users Posts: 162
    This would be a cool addition later down the road, when a monster would join the battle and fight it would stick around till it took to much of a beating and leaves to lick its wounds or it gets killed.
  • az88az88 Registered Users Posts: 3,073
    Certain creatures in the Warhammer lore are attracted to certain things. Fighting near an old battlefield might mean you encounter carrion-eaters, some monsters are attracted to high magical fields and thus high winds of magic might make it more likely you'd attract a Chimera.

    Could be an interesting mod.
  • Sulieman the MagnficentSulieman the Magnficent Senior Member The Great Ottoman EmpireRegistered Users Posts: 1,851
    One of the things modders could do is to make mods and talk more about the unfinished areas of the Warhammer world, because there's a lot of under-developed lore. All the amazing stuff that was supposed to happen ended up becoming some sort of end times wash.

    What modders can do is to def create story based mods, and a few unit mods here and there.
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  • CoveredfiresCoveredfires Senior Member USARegistered Users Posts: 1,134
    edited May 2016
    I would love for something like this. Maybe a beastmen army or a wild orc band suddenly shows up (not seen on the campaign map) out of the forest and attacks both forces or something?
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  • bronhomsbronhoms Registered Users Posts: 1,332
    I proposed something a bit similar a long time ago

    Valkia the Bloody (Khornes favoured champion [valkyrie]) would show up if a unit had slayed enough enemies (like 200?) in a battle and aid the that unit in combat for a while. Would only work for melee.

  • OrkfaellerOrkfaeller Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,329
    edited May 2016
    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    I've been thinking about the very same thing ever since they announced the game.

    I want there to be some sort of Gaia or Rebel faction ( like in Medieval II ) - that spawns wild beasties on the campaign map that you have to deal with.

    Maybe wandering through a forrest leads to getting ambushed by a swarm of giant spiders.
    Or a flok of feral Griffons is occupying a mountain pass that you wanna use. Or you need to deal with a wyvern thats "raiding" one of your provinces. Or maybe a hydra appears from the sea and starts "laying siege" to one of your near by towns.

    One of the most memorable battles that I ever had in Third Age Total War was retaking the ruins of a castle occupied by nothing but giant spiders.

    I'd love to relive that kind of stuff in Warhammer.
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