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8th Edition Storm of Magic

englisharcher89englisharcher89 Senior MemberBath, UKRegistered Users Posts: 4,130

Hello guys.

I was reading recently Storm of Magic on my phone in PDF found it online and I thought would be nice to share something about this.

Well 8th Edition has three or more expansions (Storm of Magic, Blood in the Badlands, Sigmar's Blood)

I think CA has done some research about it, because we've got Arcane Fulcrum in the game, or maybe even more of them, also there are so called "Ill Omens" from the book.

Tempest like no others! When all winds of magic are blowing with power of Hurrican! Says the book, it brings all sorts of bad things, mainly massive Daemon Excursions, that would be great challenging event for upcoming expansions with approach of this Race.

But with such powerful storm comes benefit which is Cataclysm Spells, the most powerful spells in the game you'll ever see and it brings new SUMMONING,EQUILIBRIUM, DOMINANCE spells ,for example:


Fireball Barrage - Does what it says
Magma Storm - Vortex Spell


Malediction of Nagash - Massive Hex Spell
The Army of Doom Keep
- Summoning Spell, it summons WIGHT KING and GRAVE GUARD

There is really lots of new spells for Each Race and Lore of Magic, and also ANCESTRAL RUNES for Dwarfs

Other thing that you get is binding scrolls, you can bring some massive monsters on the field of battle.


Lots of it really, and even Exalted Greater Daemons, they all act as separate unit I think, not as mounts.

Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings
The Empire

"Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death." - Vlad von Carstein


  • WulfRickWulfRick Registered Users Posts: 281
    yeah i would love for the storm of magic to be fleshed out in the game at some point. I remember playing TT and winning games with my skaven before i even got in close combat. My massive spells killed some elite units and my opponent cried and left :p
  • ValeliValeli Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,961
    Games that are won on turn one (or TW equivalent), to me, aren't fun at all.

    Once you get past the initial fun of leaf blower-ing your opponent off the table two or three times, at least.
  • WulfRickWulfRick Registered Users Posts: 281
    edited May 2016
    well yeah i was just lucky with my spells (in 2 turns by the way :p ) and the opponent underestimated the effect so he didnt dispell.

    plus the game was far from over, my opponent just rage quit, which is indeed never fun.
  • RichardNRoundRichardNRound Registered Users Posts: 872
    I would love them to implement the units like the chaos war mammoths and some of the forge world units as well, but maybe not as summons but more as recruited monsters or earned after an event. I wonder how they would implement the new magic. I think that being able to use this really powerful magic should be rare, so maybe if there was an event so there was a massive boost in the winds of magic for three turns at random intervals which comes with improved spells, the ultimate spells and more magic available in battles. To make it more interesting if they do it after the daemons release then there could be a chance a daemon stack will spawn in a region.
  • englisharcher89englisharcher89 Senior Member Bath, UKRegistered Users Posts: 4,130
    Lol somebody has found my thread :D

    Well done sir, hope we will get some new spells from this expansion as well.

    GW has done better job with this book making something unique and with new artwork.
    Vampire Counts
    Tomb Kings
    The Empire

    "Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death." - Vlad von Carstein
  • AxikusAxikus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 775
    It looks like Ghorst is getting the The Army of Doom Keep spell...
  • Horus38Horus38 Registered Users Posts: 929
    This game is so ripe for expansions like this.

    My favorite storm of magic was the lizardmen spell which allowed the slann to sacrifice himself to destroy the entire enemy army (*o*)
  • DerPhonixDerPhonix Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 476
    Do you or anyone else still have it as a pdf?
  • dodge33cymrudodge33cymru Registered Users Posts: 1,999

    Do you or anyone else still have it as a pdf?

    Copyrighted stuff, not a wise idea to link!
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