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Question about Modding Victory Conditions

iDaveiDave Registered Users Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Community Mods
I wanted to make some very modest changes to the victory conditions for the Western Empire. Specifically, I wanted to remove the requirement to build the Latin Patriarchal See, so I could change religions and still win the game. Frankly, having buildings specific to a certain religion in the victory conditions isn't all that bright a design choice.

So I modified startpos using the assembly kit, and changed "att_bld_religion_catholic_legendary_5" to "att_bld_roman_west_city_minor_generic_4" (maximum size minor city), which seemed like it would do the trick without causing any problems.

I also changed the "defeat or subjugate" requirement from 40 to 20.

Lastly, I did a couple of other non-victory conditions changes (changed the WRE to Arian) as a control.

BOB created the startpos nicely, I moved it to the main folder, and...mixed success.

=> All NON-victory conditions changes worked perfectly.
=> All of the victory conditions changes were completely ignored.

No other mods were running.


Anyone have any thoughts? Is there some other file or database that overwrites the startpos victory conditions?


EDIT #1: I replicated my changes in the COMPRESSED_DATA section of the startpos, no effect.

EDIT #2: I took the startpos, inserted into a new mod using PFM, and loaded it that way. Exact same result. Victory Conditions changes completely ignored.
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