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Attila Redux - MP battle overhaul mod

AggonyDuckAggonyDuck Senior MemberPosts: 3,641Registered Users, Smiley
I'm pleased to announce that my personal hobby project of overhauling Attila Grand Campaign battles for multiplayer is nearing completion and is in a state where it is open for public use. The work is done and for those interested in can be a fun diversion for battles with friends before Warhammer is released.

Attila Redux is based on the idea that while units don’t need massive variation in unit stats, factions should be diverse through their limitations in unit types and their unique choices, with no faction having access to everything and possessing unique strengths. The goal is to make the game diverse and interesting, yet at the same time balanced enough to stop single factions or unit types from being dominant. Not all factions are equal in Attila Redux, some factions have more diverse rosters while others are more limited. With over twenty factions, it is nearly impossible to make every faction equally good. Rather the goal is that each faction is fun, has a unique feel to it and can be competitive enough when played well.

To achieve that every unit has been statistically redesigned, with stats designed to be consistent with unit appearance and concept. Faction rosters have been edited, with unnecessary units being either removed or redesigned with a new concept. Battle pacing and unit type balancing has been overhauled as well to make the game less cavalry and charge dominant. The end result is something which is nothing like vanilla Attila and the closest point of comparison for the feel of the game is Age of Charlemagne.

At the moment I have not made the necessary changes to make it playable in campaign. The changes are only for the Grand Campaign battles. It is also designed for the English localisation due renamed abilities and units, which means that other language localisations might have units and abilities that seem odd.

Summary of major changes:

-Complete redesign of unit stats and prices
-Edited and focused unit rosters for factions, with redundant units removed and faction unique unit brought into focus.
-Universal health for infantry (100) and cavalry (100+50), with some exceptions.
-Armour values roughly doubled, while weapon damage remains roughly similar.
-Shields no longer offer armour bonuses.
-Armour, mass and speed should now be more consistent with each other.
-Projectiles are in general more accurate than vanilla, but deal less damage per hit.
-Morale values are in general lower and morale penalties emphasize casualties taken in the last 60 seconds. Makes units rout faster, but also allows them to rally quickly.
-Charge bonus variation is smaller and charge impact damage is lower as well, emphasing charge bonus for damage dealing (Variation is now between 10-109).
-Ranged units now widely use accuracy stat, whilst ammunition number is dictated by projectile type.
-Spotting distances are largely universal and more restrictive, making the fog of war a factor in battle. Increased spotting distances for forests and shrubs (300m in open, 120m for shrub, 80m for forests) .
-Ability design focused on modal stances that allow players to subtly influence engagement outcome, without making ability micromanagement a must.

Even my partial change list is too long for the forums, so you can find the detailed change list here:

You can get the mod from the Attila Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=637890076


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