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Unit banners for Warhammer

SimeonSimeon Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
Picking up magical items in Horned Rat & Dark Omens was essential to have a chance of making it to the end in the original Warhammers (1990s). I see TW has items to apply to heros and characters and I would like to see a mod that extended the bonuses to units as was done in the 90s. I.E. each unit had a slot to apply an item and why not allow for naming the units ourselves too?

Being able to see the magic banners/items in battle would be a distinct added bonus
- especially if you are stealing banners off of defeated units too.

Any one remember the 90s games and searching the maps for loot? Any one want to see the implementation of this above mentioned idea? I wish I had completed my video and computer games course at uni...could have had a crack at it myself...sigh


  • SimeonSimeon Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    Found a video that indicates this is already a feature of the game so thanks Games Workshop. That said after 4 hours of trying to play this game realise it is a miss-sold turkey and so CA have taken another £30 plus off of me for less than an hour of gaming...deleted from pc...as with Rome 2 the game looks nothing like all the You Tube videos. Cartoony and crappy so back to Med 2 mods for me.
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