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The infuriating choice of race selection

BlueSigmaBlueSigma Registered Users Posts: 1
So here it is, around 4 hours till launch and I still have no idea what race I will be playing first for campaign. I was thinking that hearing why other people chose their faction would help me choose. So please tell me why you chose your faction and what your playstyle is! If there is already a forum for this discussion just let me know, don't mean to create an entirely new discussion if there's an already existing one over the same issue. Thanks.


  • octavian1127octavian1127 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,278
    I will be playing as Archaon because there is something appealing about destroying the world. I also enjoy the horde play-style.
  • LuciferLucifer Member England U.KRegistered Users Posts: 2,177
    edited May 2016
    It has to be the Vampire Counts for me. The undead legions will march to my will and goal and it shall be a lot of fun. Also, there will be mods to remove the regional occupation limit, so I can conquer to my dead hearts content. There is another mod that will allow you to choose the same faction start pos also. This will allow co-op mode to be more fun playing 2 as the same faction. Who doesn't want a zombie dragon, I mean come on. >:)
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  • Drexxel22Drexxel22 Registered Users Posts: 89
    IDK, really hoped Bretonnia was playable at launch, but I'm torn between empire and dwarves atm.... AHH STRESSFUL
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  • HipstorianHipstorian Member IslamdenRegistered Users Posts: 116
    I have decided on Azhag, because the dude is underrated and I always wanted to create an Orcs and Goblins army for the tabletop. I was going to recreate my own themed army I used in WHFB, but it was a Nurgle Army and without specific Chaos marks in the main game I don't think it will be as rewarding.

    I think orcs are good because they are in a sense familiar, without being too familiar. They're not as generic as Empire but not as out there as Vampire Counts or Chaos in a game sense.

    Also I like the fluff, so I'm going fluff heavy... no mixed Orc and Goblin armies if I can help it.
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  • rhinoinsomniacrhinoinsomniac Member Registered Users Posts: 951
    no offense but there's a bunch of these threads already. but i don't mind. i picked orcs with Azhag first
    cuz orcs is da best
    plus a greenskin who has a funny talking hat appeals to me and i really want to have some goblin themed armies too

    but if i don't like it, i'm sure i'll just flip to some other faction. they all look pretty fun. mostly tho i just think humans are a little boring when yeh have a fantasy setting

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  • SerenityNowSerenityNow Registered Users Posts: 26
    Dwarfs for me. your best bet is to play a few hours on each campaign and see which one you can't wait to continue . there lies your true path.
  • az88az88 Registered Users Posts: 3,073
    Dwarfs, because they are Dwarfs. Grumpy, northern-accented buggers with a love of bear and killing greenskins? Sign me up!

    People are right about Azhag, though. Absolutely the best character - how can you not love an orc whose "Boss 'at" tells him what to do?
  • krunshkrunsh Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,695
    Roll a dice!
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  • 1EskNineteen1EskNineteen Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 841
    I'm going to do Dwarves because they strongly fit my preferred playstyle, and I like their lore a lot. Lore and playstyle are basically my only two deciding factors for my TWWH campaign preferences. Like I love heavy cav, but I could never play Bretonnia because they feel yucky to me, lore-wise. Your mileage may vary. I hope that helps!
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  • knodo85knodo85 Member Registered Users Posts: 1,135
    Definitely greenskins first as Azhag.

    Then again, Grimgor is awesome.
    And Thorgrim has that cool book.
    And Ungrim has that sweet mohawk.
    Gelt is pretty beast with that robot voice...
    On the other hand, Karl Franz is the one true emperor...
    Hmm, but Mannfred and Kemmler have zombies. That's always good.
    I could also see myself playing Sigvald. He's just fabulous.
    Or kholek. He's just huge.
    But Archaon is the everchosen....

  • TriashaTriasha Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 23
    Definitely playing Vampires as Mannfred first. I played Vampires on the TT, and I love their superiority complex, their mastery of combat and magic, and the playstyle of the undead. I also love the Idea of corrupting my enemies, raising them to serve after defeating them on the battlefield.
  • DwarfMasterRaceDwarfMasterRace Registered Users Posts: 2,374
    I like the Dwarfs because they have nice looking armour, cool technology, and a proud warrior spirit. I like their beer, their industry, their martial prowess. I like how stubborn and honourable they are. I like how they build great things. I think they will be fun to play as with their whacky war machines and powerful warriors. Oh, and Slayers! ;)
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  • BrutallicaBrutallica Registered Users Posts: 62
    I want to play Beastmen but i cant, NOW THATS **** INFURIATING!!!!
  • Astraeus#6689Astraeus#6689 Member BrittonisRegistered Users Posts: 425
    @BlueSigma Warhammer dice every time, let the gods / winds of magic decide...
  • Astraeus#6689Astraeus#6689 Member BrittonisRegistered Users Posts: 425
    ps - if the dice roll Empire, you are allowed to re-roll... just saying... :D
  • az88az88 Registered Users Posts: 3,073
    Astraeus said:

    ps - if the dice roll Empire, you are allowed to re-roll... just saying... :D

    Roll a D4...or a D3 if you don't have Chaos.
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