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[INFO] Non-official (unlisted) Fixes and Changes after Patches

alQamaralQamar BannedPosts: 1,904Banned Users
edited March 2013 in Total War Eras Support Forum
here i will state unofficial fixes that i will find, and not stated in the official revision log of CraigTW

will also updated in Skurkanas bug list. Skurkanas announced to place fixed things in the placeholder in future so still open issues can be seen more easy

inofficial fixed known mp bugs

[FIXES & CHANGES] in patch 1.0
- costs of all siege weapons have been increased

[FIXES & CHANGES] in patch 2.0

- CTD if entering the competition map too fast
- camera does not stuck anymore on entering avatar mode
- clan list can be now loaded without loading only one clan
- leaver and lagger have no chance to betray and cheat anymore! dropped players get replaced by AI again :)
had my first game and they suddenly lagged on loosing then one got out
- scrolling and sorting the clan page works
- units with eligable to upgrade the mark cannot be clicked away
- wounded units can be fielded without having "invalid army"
- unit size is not set down to small units in every game - finally epic battles
- steam achievement fixed (siege, 100 battles won etc)
- benchmark mode with presets and for custom settings
- new font, better readability (cleartype like)
- launching big clan groups does not result a CTD (e.g. / over 4400 members)
- changing retainers from other friendly players are now displayed real-time
- fire of building damage nearby buildings aswell (siege)
- additional scenes for the dynamic menu background (seasons, new cam views)

implemented suggestions:

- a lot of people told me that fighting 22k is pointless in matchmaking. thus they are currently forced if all avatars within a match-make battle are at lvl 10. Playing with so much money is pointless, like it was ever in TW (even more if you cant choose unit sizes). it just leads to winners that spam the most expensive / skilled units in field. Please let this option aside to the classical battle list for some fun adventures but dont force us to play that pointless thing, please ;)

- some ideas by Filar
- other and opposite suggestion would be to hardly block them playing TW:S2 for a certain amount of time, the problem is that there is no layer yet (application) on which this could be checked as they have no online connection / feedback to steam when quitting offline or killing steam / shogun 2 tasks in the task manager

inofficial fixed suggestions:

- the unit size in match-make battle seems to dynamic according to all players system performance.
anyway it is vital to know unit size in order to select an apropriate army. unit size should be shown in the hosting view during matchmake battle. currently the unit size is not displayed correctly.

SORTING VETERANS (very helpful)
- it would be nice and helpful if veterans could be sorted by type, level etc. veteran get sorted logically as soon you enter the veteran screen.

- the color of the Sashimono (flag on the back) should comply with the color and sign designed in the avatar menu, (Mon) and also being updated to all units incl. veterans if updated.
currently it will change its color as soon you change the veteran unit colors. it is nice to have the option to color units but it makes the game very unfriendly if there are many different flag colors on the battlefield

[FIXES & CHANGES] in patch 3.0

- new AMD logo in intro sequence
- files for Ikko-Ikki DLC
- new link to Steam Store (DLC) Ikko-Ikki on main page
- additional scenes for the dynamic menu background (at least it seems so)

[FIXES & CHANGES] in hotfix for patch 3.0
Build 1.1.0 3517.0

- fixed an issue that prevent the game from starting in some cases after downloading the patch 3

- veteran units, except archer veterans, will not recover anymore when playing a sea battle
- veteran units will not recover anymore when playing a game over battle list

[FIXES & CHANGES] in hotfix 2 for patch 3.0
Build 1.1.0 3693.0

- modifactions for Steams summer camp achievements

[FIXES & CHANGES] for patch 4.0
Build 1.1.0 ?.0

- preparation for new Sengoku DLC
- no other noticeable fixes in MP

[FIXES & CHANGES] hotfix for patch 4.0
Build 1.1.0 4010.0

- updates on the translations
- heavy matchlock stats fixed concerning CraigTW weekly update

[FIXES & CHANGES] major patch 4.2
Build 1.1.0 4247.300958

- investigating things -- topic to be updated soon
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