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In ProgressCrash with over 200 soldiers per units.

CaptainMarmotteCaptainMarmotte Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 5
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I'm not quite sure where to post this, since it is related to modding in a way, but the problem involves crashing, so here it is.

When using a mod that increases the size of units, the game crashes when greenskins are involved. To be more accurate, it appears to crash when they have units of goblins, which the mod I am using increases to 240 per units.

I also tried to edit the unit size myself with PFM and it does seem that any unit with more than 200 soldiers causes the game to crash.

So, I would like to know, did CA intentionally make 200 the max amount of soldiers per units, or is it something unintentional that would need fixing?

Thank you in advance.
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  • doinwork34doinwork34 Technical Moderator Colorado, USRegistered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators Posts: 2,893
    I highly doubt CA did this on purpose. It may have something to do with memory usage or the game logic. Since it is now a 64 bit game the RAM usage is different this time around....this is just my guess though.

    Of course since its a mod, it will be hard to get any real support just yet.

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  • CaptainMarmotteCaptainMarmotte Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    I doubt they did it on purpose as well, but never hurts to ask.

    And well, it's not really the mod itself that is the problem. It just seems the game can't hande units with more than 200 men in them. I've played around with PFM 4.0 myself and it only crashes when you have over 200 men.

    But you're right, it's still mostly related to modding. But I'd still like to see this problem fixed. I've always enjoyed playing Total War games with fairly large unit sizes. :p
  • obippoobippo Member Registered Users Posts: 2,686
    Very interested in knowing this. Please CA, let us at least double the size of the units :(
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  • Lexi_CALexi_CA Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,531
    We haven't put any limits on the amount of entities you can have within each unit, and modders are more than welcome to push the envelope and see what happens. That said we haven't developed the engine with the extra-large unit sizes in mind, and as such I'd kinda expect you to hit performance drops or instability when increasing the numbers above and beyond what we've tested.

    Unfortunately there's not much we can really do on our end to help you with these crashes. We'll try and fix any errors you encounter trying to create your mods within the Assembly Kit, but any bugs arising from the use of mods are outta our hands.
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  • CaptainMarmotteCaptainMarmotte Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thank you for replying Lexi_CA!

    Though, I am not that much of a modder myself, all I've done so far is some minor files editing with PackFiles Manager 4.0, but I will try to explain what has happened so far as best as I can.

    It is not related to any particular mod, but it is something that happens when you edit the size of units.

    What I have done is use PFM 4.0, opened the data.pack and went data.pack > db > main_units_table > data_core_ and edited the num_men to change the size of units. I also did the same with data__ch_.

    Doing that, what I have noticed is that when you put the num_men above 200, when you encounter that unit in battle (For example, goblin spearmen which were set at 240), the game crashes to desktop. Anything at or bellow 200 seems to work fine.

    I do not think this is related to the number of units on the battle field, as I tested in custom battle one general against one general and one unit of 240 goblins and it still crashed, while I can play the game very smoothly with armies of 40 units easily, so around 4000 vs 4000.

    So from what I've experienced so far, it does seem to be specifically related to the num_men entry being above 200 causing the crashes.

    I am not the only one experiencing this when modifying the number of men per units.


    Mr.Freud on Total War Center experienced the same thing.

    @Dorque - I think this goes without a saying, but most modders *do* test their work before uploading for others. This was no exception. Apart from testing it myself, on an otherwise busy day (preparation for exams), I let a friend test it early before setting it public. Because the issue was very specific and limited to half a dozen units, it wasn't until later as users mentioned the specific circumstances of their crashes that it became apparent.

    To the rest of you, I appreciate your support. The mod is working as intended now. I'm hoping you'll enjoy your campaigns and custom battles with it!

    Knowing the probable cause of the issue, I think it stands obvious that any attempts at a x2 or larger unit sizes can be ruled out for the time being.
    Philip and his [UPDATED] Larger Units Warhammer mod had the same problem when the goblin spearmen and skeleton units were set at 240, so he had to lower their size to 200 for his mod to work.

    With my limited modding experience, these are all the details I can give related. Perhaps more experience modders who have experienced the same problem will be able to give more details!

    And sorry for the lengthy post, I hope it helps. If anything, hopefully it will let people know why their double-size unit mods do not work.

    I understand that this is still related to modding in general and is probably not a high priority for patches and hotfixes, but if it could be looked into and fixed when there are no more pressing concerns, it would be great for future mods similar to Divide et Impera perhaps!

    Thank you again for replying, and I am really enjoying the game so far.

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