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In ProgressLogo Screen Crash

Corys2Corys2 Registered Users Posts: 1
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Error step-by-step:

I click play on Total War: Warhammer, game goes to launcher.

I click play on Launcher Warhammer launches smoothly with no pop-up messages.

Logo screen appears and is loading for 2-3 minutes.

After this allotted time the application crashes, stating that it has stopped working, and windows prompt me to close it.


What I have tried so far:
**KEY: TW:W = Total War: Warhammer**

-Verifying integrity of game cache

-Update and repair Microsoft Virtual C++

-Update and repair DxDiag Version

-Update and check update for all windows drivers and versions

Tried to start TW:W online without steam overlay

-Tried to start TW:W offline

-Tried to start TW:W offline without steam overlay

-Tried to start TW:W offline/online with windows 8 compatibility mode

-Tried to start TW:W with clean boot

-Tried to start TW:W after uninstalling and reinstalling entire game

-Removed Awsonium.dll awsomium.txt awsonium.log and tried to run TW:W without, and then after verifying game cache and reinstalling trying to run TW:W again

-Removed temporary files in %appdata% the tried to run TW:W

-Tried to make TW:W windowed from application Warhammer.exe and from shortcut of Warhammer.exe on desktop, both result in target not valid.

-Tried to make Warhammer.exe run as admin as well as TW launcher run as admin and launch TW:W neither and both didn't work

-Tried to launch TW:W from a desktop shortcut



-There is no .save files due to not being able to start the game

-There is no minidump file

-There is a modified file but there is nothing inside the text document

-Attached is the DxDiag report



I would just like to add and say thank you all at CA for working so hard to get these issued fixed in such a close timeframe, I really do appreciate it and I know others will as well.
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