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SolvedGTX 770 2GB, i5 4760k -> Very low fps. -> Geforce experience is the solution.

QinshiQinshi Registered Users Posts: 217
edited June 2016 in Performance & Graphics
See for my solution, latest post in this thread

I've been trying to get my game running properly.
I've played all tw games on release day, 3 of them on this setup:

I5 4760k
Gigabyte Nvidia gtx 770 2gb, driver 358.91 (even tryed the new driver 368.22)
8 gb RAM
Windows 10, up to date

Launchday: shogun 2, Rome 2, atilla all worked sort of. never had such a bad fps like i did now.

On every graphical settings (low, medium, high even ultra): 10-15 fps.

I dont have clue anymore what it could be.
Its probably some driver related issue. But i do know people with a gtx 770 2gb but a different CPU and having no problems.
(every other game you can imagine: i can run it, if i tweak the graphical settings. i can even play The witcher 3 on high/ultra).

Which people have the same/Different experience with their gtx 770 2gb?

Check my Dxdiag plz.
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  • SimpleTEDSimpleTED Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 16
    This sounds very much like my issue. This occurred after the hotfix for me, but the same effects, I have a GTX 750Ti.


    Does seem to be Nvidia Cards related, but other people have said that rolling back drivers only has a small temporary effect.
  • QinshiQinshi Registered Users Posts: 217
    edited May 2016

    I deleted Total War: Warhammer from my SSD.
    I first rerolled back to previous drivers, but this didnt help one bit. I reinstalled the latest drivers for my Nvidia gtx 770 2gb card through Geforce experience. Cause of Overwatch, you know.

    I reinstalled Total War: Warhammer (redownloaded and did fresh install).

    I decided to use the 'optimise the game' option for my Total War: Warhammer game through the 'geforce experience' program from Nvidia.
    Started up the game, immediatly i noticed the cinematic was running smooth.
    So i than decided to start a totally new campaign.
    I toggled off the 'tutorial settings' for this campaign.

    WHat happend?!

    I did run like crap, yesterday.
    Dont know if this helps for people using a GTX 770 2gb.

    But now the game runs like it should be.
    Having 30 fps stable on campaign map, 55 fps ingame battle.
    It really looks beautifull.
    Ultra / high setting

    So maybe people can try the just let 'geforce experience' setup their settings for this game and see if it works.
    I didnt change anything that the 'geforce experience' preset for total war: Warhammer did set into the setting options.
  • QinshiQinshi Registered Users Posts: 217
    edited May 2016
    Link to my GTX 770 2gb graphical settings, using latest driver 368.22 (according to Geforce Experience optimizing for this game):

  • DeafidueDeafidue Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 31
    That brought me down to 5 FPS

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