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User Info RequiredMP Battle: No vision of enemy while having line of sight, enemies popping out of fog of war!

RTKAbu#7114RTKAbu#7114 Registered Users Posts: 1,459
edited May 2016 in Multiplayer Bugs
I had this twice today, but only the second time i had saved it correctly.

I and Simon played a 2vs2 multiplayer battle. The strange thing is that we BOTH didnt saw the enemies at first. So we though maybe they were hiding behind the hill so we surounded it, but when we moved closer we noticed that enemie starts popping up right in front of us and hide immidietly when they are like 30 meters away.

I made screens to prove my point, however, however when i was watching the replay, there was no problem whatsoever and e should have had vision on them from the start.

This is a major bug which should be resolved asap.

Those screens are from the battle:

In the replay you can see its a total different story though.
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  • CraigTWCraigTW Registered Users Posts: 1,143
    Thanks for the heads up - I'll make sure we look into it.
  • Lexi_CALexi_CA Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,531
    Could we grab a copy of both of your dxdiags please? Sounds like it be a problem with particular graphics card set ups.
    Do you know of anyone else experiencing this as well?
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  • RTKAbu#7114RTKAbu#7114 Registered Users Posts: 1,459
    edited May 2016
    Here you go.

    And yes, we were not the only one who experienced it, know of a few others, ill ask if they can post aswell :)
  • DojichanDojichan Registered Users Posts: 7
    Happened twice tonight. Has happened about 1/10 battles for me(duping multiplayer campaign only) I have a saved game with it. It is a multiplayer campaign game. If you end the turn, it happens 100% of the time on the next attack of the orc(they attack after end turn).

    Would sending you the save help you figure out this issue?(dont know where it saves) It sucks to auto lose a battle because of non-rendered units.

    All times this issue has happened, it was units that started hidden. It seems (just a guess) that it is not updated line of sight in multiplayer campaign correctly(sometimes). So units that start out of sight remain out of sight. I noticed that in more games then this one the minimap did not update. So shadows would remain even when I moved units into them.

    Let me know if I can help more. This is a major bug.
  • DojichanDojichan Registered Users Posts: 7
    Can happen in single player campaign.
  • |-IRONS-| Samuel|-IRONS-| Samuel Registered Users Posts: 211
    edited May 2016
    Sometimes I have the same problem ( in 2 vs 2 and in 1 vs 1) Multiplayer match.
    |-IRONS-| Samuel
  • OddmarkOddmark Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited May 2016
    Can you delete this post I cant find how .. I have reposted below with attached DXDIAG. I couldnt attach file to edited post.
  • OddmarkOddmark Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem. In my instance, it seems to occur only in multiplayer (we are in a coop campaign) though. I have played over 20 hours solo without it occuring once but in multiplayer with my friend it occurs 1 in 3 battle. The vision is so bad that last time I had cavalry suddenly appearing IN my troops. It's a very gamebreaking issue :( . If it might be card related: i have a GTX 680.

    oh and I would add, my friend never has this problem when it HIS fight but when it's one of mine, he can't see enemy units on his screen either.
  • RTKAbu#7114RTKAbu#7114 Registered Users Posts: 1,459
    Any update here? I still got this problem regularly, i dont see anyone in the game, and then suddenly they are charging right at me coming out the fog of war?
  • BeansBeans Registered Users Posts: 22
    Just happened to me in a multiplayer quick battle, I actually thought there was some kind of crazy invisibility spell I didn't know about. I have never encountered this in ~25 hrs of single player.

    I was playing vampire counts and my opponent was empire. My opponent commented on having the same problem as me, not able to see units until 30 feet away from them.

    He had an entire army of vanguard deployed pistolers and outriders. The units 'phased' in and out as if they walked behind a hill or were revealed for the first time.
  • ShyntilShyntil Registered Users Posts: 187
    Happens to me and some friends too
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  • |-IRONS-| Eliminator|-IRONS-| Eliminator Registered Users Posts: 13
    Same problem here. Happened more than once, in different maps.
  • MajutsuMajutsu Registered Users, Smiley Posts: 173
    Me and Abu had the same issue last night on essentially a flat map. I added the replay file and the dxdiag output.
  • DojichanDojichan Registered Users Posts: 7
    Any update?
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 41,073
    tobar said:

    Any update?

    Not yet.

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  • KuikkaKuikka Registered Users Posts: 65
    Encountered this in coop campaign, 2vs1 underway interception. Enemy units turned visible as if hiding about 30m from the front line. It was completely flat map.
  • justinbaker8484justinbaker8484 Registered Users Posts: 12
    I'm going to bump this thread because the issue still exists.
  • Shadow293903Shadow293903 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hi, still having this issue over a year later; was very frustrating when i couldn't see the enemy until i was being charged
  • therev421therev421 Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited April 2021
    This is still happening!!! Help!!!
  • SahsnôtSahsnôt Registered Users Posts: 1
    Still a problem after over 3 years! Happens to me always around round 100 in coop-campaign.

    This is extremly frustrating and kills whole coop-campaigns.

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