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SolvedRed screen of death

DMFan79DMFan79 ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 407
edited August 2016 in Crashes
Build: 9738.876614

Detailed description: after a couple of minutes a battle starts, the screen turns red and the computer reboots.

Reproduction Steps: I changed the suggested graphic settings from "high" to "custom" as follows:
- Anti-aliasing: from "off" to "on"
- Texture filtering: from "8x" to "4x"
- Grass detail: from "high" to "medium"
- Unit size: from "large" to "ultra"
- Shadow detail: from "high" to "medium"
- Unit detail: from "high" to "ultra"

The game resolution is 1920x1080. If I keep the quality set to "High" (which is the suggested setting) I get no crashes during battles.

The system produced no minidumps after crash and the modified.log is empty. I'm attaching my DxDiag (I took it while the game was running).
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  • ca_guyca_guy Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,171
    Thanks for providing all this, good report. The only other thing we might need is the preference script, can find it here.

    To confirm: you can remain crash-free by using high rather than ultra?

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  • DMFan79DMFan79 ItalyRegistered Users Posts: 407
    Yes, I've been playing several hours now and so far I haven't got any crash during battles. I'll let you know if things change.

    In the meanwhile I'm attaching the file you requested.
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