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Balancing Results (Moderated) Board Info

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Greetings fellow Generals, Lords, Warbosses, High Kings, Necromancers, Great Shamans, Chieftains and Shaggoths!

There's a lot of content to balance and a lot of balancing to discuss in Total War: Warhammer. You feedback on this topic is not just welcome, it's absolutely vital!

In the weeks before release, our internal testers have done a great job ironing out balancing issues, but this will naturally be an ongoing effort as the game matures and players explore the whole depth of the campaigns and the battles.

The Balancing area is split into two parts. The tavern-style “discussions” area and the city hall style “results” area.

You can use the discussions board to exchange your thoughts with other players, do polls and analyse what needs addressing most urgently.

The results board is where we developers gather your conclusions, notify you of balancing changes, answer selected questions etc. It will be strictly moderated to prevent spam and make it easier for occasional visitors to stay up to date.

Depending on the amount of feedback that you generate, we might split these areas further into singleplayer & multiplayer, or campaign & battles – whatever makes sense to you and us.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Ato
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