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NERF or Increase Cost of Artillery

NickxbNickxb Registered Users Posts: 2
Let me start off by saying this game is amazing, made me have faith in the studio again after the disaster of Rome 2 and to a lesser extent Attila.

My problem is with the artillery. I don't know what it is with you guys at SEGA and artillery. Like are all the higher ups old artillerymen from the army? Company of Heores 2 meta completely changed to pure artillery a few months ago and became unplayably horrible. A single thing of basic artillery (200 gold a turn for doom diver) can wipe out 3 units of armored expensive units.

I hope the answer to this isn't "get your own artillery" because that's what started the arms race crap in company of heroes now its just artillery vs artillery every match. Its not that I don't want it to be good I just feel that the cost vs effectiveness is completely out of wack with these units.


  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    edited May 2016
    ... You think Rome2 was a disaster? D: *looks at my campaign of full map domination on very hard as Sparta* Totally didn't spend enough time on that game

    Anyway back on topic, I think most artillery is underpowered and cheap. They need a buff in damage or at least splash size and the cost should go up. The overpowered artillery should get a significant increase in upkeep. I'm not going to say Nerf the OP artillery because I don't want to play the nerf game but the devs should at least take another look at them.

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