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SolvedCan't win the Campaign as The Empire. Bug? (SOLVED)

GuvenorenGuvenoren Registered Users Posts: 277
edited June 2016 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Ok, I'll make this very clear because it seems that people on steam forum just doesn't understand what the problem here is.

Turn 368. I've Defeated the Faction Warriors of Chaos. Cleaned all of Norsca. No Chaos faction is being loaded at the end of turn. But I cannot win the campaign due to one objective. the objective saying:

Ensure that any Military Presence Belonging to the Warriors of Chaos faction exists only in the following Region: Chaos Wastes

This Mission won't be completed. Since the Warriors of Chaos faction is defeated there's no faction to be on the Chaos Wastes. I have only 2 mods, and thats camera height mods. Thats it. No overhauls, no campaign stats. No unit size. nothing.

What's the problem here?

UPDATE: Ok, im a noob. The objective was complete and it was only 1 missing region that slipped my eye all this time.
Fantastic game! Ignore this!
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