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What is your favourite TW game to date?

SystemSystem Posts: 7,195
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Poll submitted by King Rufus
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  • GSCGSC Registered Users Posts: 1,687
    edited May 2011

    ETW is my favorite.
  • Elyrioth#1615Elyrioth#1615 Registered Users Posts: 696
    edited May 2011
    ETW as well. Scope, scale, DMUC brilliant
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 7,195
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    Rome, the variety of factions, the music, the Senate and of course the power fix you get as you watch your Cohorts marching towards the enemy ;)
  • Durin#4613Durin#4613 Registered Users Posts: 733
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    Argh, I had to make though decision between Rome and M2. I liked Rome, but I played Medieval 2 more, I just like Middle Ages more than antiquity.
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  • triscuit21triscuit21 Registered Users Posts: 556
    edited May 2011
    Definitely Rome. It was my first TW game, and everything about it is awesome in my opinion.
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  • grandmastergrandmaster Registered Users Posts: 36
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    ETW, Command the seas, control the land and conquer the globe.
  • dge1dge1 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,893
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    I voted Rome but Empire is a close, very close, second.
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  • TroasTroas Registered Users Posts: 226
    edited May 2011
    Rome, what Shireknight said.
  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Registered Users Posts: 3,194
    edited May 2011
    I'm always so torn between a bunch of these titles when this question comes up - I've played them all except Alexander.

    Both Shoguns are out of the running for me, I've played both and I struggled to feel any real sense of wanting to keep playing them for anything like the length of time I have played pretty much all other TWs.

    MTW was my first ever TW game, and so it will always have a special place in my heart. The campaign was huge, and very immersive, but these days it's been pretty well eclipsed by the later titles. I did appreciate the built in map editor though, that was a fun tool!

    RTW blew me out of the water when it came out. I don't think I'd ever anticipated the release of a game more before this one. Of course, it suffers graphically these days, but it says a lot that the gameplay is still strong enough that I barely even notice that my army is made up of clones. The missions were fun, the factions varied, the map large and the end game challenging. This was also the first TW game that I started to mod in any meaningful way. I had to uninstall Rome to make space for Shogun II, but I'm not sure how much longer this may remain the case. They may get swapped back soon.

    M2TW was pretty impressive, although it didn't have the same impact as Rome. It still looks good, and it's still fun to play now that the major bugs that were around in the original release have been ironed out. It was different enough from the original to make it still feel like a new game, but still had a thoroughly Medieval feel to it. Also, there is the chance that a General can call the enemy 'a.rseweasels' in a pre battle speech. :p

    Napoleon Total War is technically great, it's stable, it looks amazing and in that regard it's everything Empire should have been, and more. The campaigns are engaging, and the battles are fun. The only problem for me is, again, the replay factor. I know that it's technically the better game, but it doesn't have me going back again and again. I play it in short stretches, then find myself going back to...

    Empire Total War!

    I know this game still has its flaws, there's a lot of detail that's not as polished as it might have been, and while the major bugs have been dealt with it's still not quite as reliable as the later Warscape engine titles. But here's the thing, the campaign is just the best TW experience I've had. This is Total War on the epic scale that it should be. It gives me the opportunity to sail around the world as Great Britain, dominate continental Europe as France, Prussia or Russia, or forge a powerful empire in the East as the Marathas. The battles are every bit as exciting as in the other games, and the addition of the hugely enjoyable naval battles is the icing on the cake.

    I think my biggest regret regarding Empire is that it was the first title on the Warscape engine. Looking at it, it just seems to have been a little too ambitious for the first game out on a new engine. If Empire had been the game released this year, I am confident that it would have been the TW title to beat for decades to come.

    Overall, I think it's interesting to note that, according to Steam's statistics, Shogun 2 is currently about 11th on their list of most played games. Empire is about 16th, two years after release! More people play Empire Total War than play Left 4 Dead, Dawn of War 2, Portal, or Mass Effect 2! I think that says a lot about the staying power of a game of Empire's scope, and why I hope CA will soon return to a title with much wider range than one single conflict.

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  • Lord_Maximus77#3771Lord_Maximus77#3771 Registered Users, Moderators, Tech Moderators, Knights Posts: 3,384
    edited May 2011
    triscuit21 wrote: »
    Definitely Rome. It was my first TW game, and everything about it is awesome in my opinion.

    I love all the TW games. But Rome's my number one for the same reason. It was the first TW I played. And for the period it was released in it was an absolute masterpiece.
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  • SasuSasu Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 8,876
    edited May 2011
    I have especially warm feelings towards STW, MTW and M2TW and since my setup just wont work with STW and MTW, I'm sad to say that until CA brings up Steam versions, they are mere memories to me. I do play M2TW occasionally, with and without mods. The favourite however is...

    Empire: Total War

    The scope, the strategic and tactical options and ...the composed composition of the game makes it endlessly replayable and endlessly appealing to me. I've fallen in love with the soundtrack, the misty, gold glazing cities in the distance, far away from the battlefield and the slow reveal of enemy ships from the surrounding fog (to name a few :o).

    For me, ETW is what TW should be about; a game of kings and generals. Multiple fronts, unpredictable opponents, unpredictable conditions, long marches to short and brutal battles, endless cycle of battles, sweet victories and bitter losses. I hope I'm not offending anyone, but I think the work of generals has nothing to do with rock-paper-scissors, historically accurate personal ornaments or drooling after the latest DX -enhancements. From all these great games, so far, ETW comes closest to a realistic simulation of leading a warring state (according to what I've learned from my own training and from history), and still maintaining smooth gameplay.
  • titanzwhtitanzwh Registered Users Posts: 145
    edited May 2011
    rome is the love,when I first see the war elephant and horse and rome legionnaire charging or marching in battle ,it's very very nice and powerful .
  • Ace_BlazerAce_Blazer Registered Users Posts: 5,921
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    Rome, you just can't beat that era.
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  • Dragonators of ScotlandsDragonators of Scotlands Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited May 2011
    Medieval 2 total war!!! Its my first game playing now.
  • King RufusKing Rufus Registered Users Posts: 1,681
    edited May 2011
    Many thanks Shire for the poll :).

    I fear I still have to go with Medieval 2 (my first TW), I just haven't yet found an experience that submersed me so much and to which I was always willing to return. Shogun 2 has been a good step towards it, but I don't know, I just get a different feeling when I play Med2 :).

    I've just downloaded Third Age TW and will be trying it now, while I re-download Stainless Steel. Mods give it even more reaplayability though I did play vanilla game for a long long time.
  • GSCGSC Registered Users Posts: 1,687
    edited May 2011
    Lol no love 4 MTW1
  • CorpiusCorpius Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 885
    edited May 2011
    Rome, still play that game to this day. Not as often as I used to, but when I got a bad Rome itch, I can still play for hours and hours.
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  • luckylimburgerluckylimburger Registered Users Posts: 1,856
    edited May 2011
    I can't really choose. I love all of them in a special way, but these are my favourites

    Rome because it was the first total war game I played and it still has a very special place in my heart. I still find myself going back to Rome every now and then even though the graphics are outdated. The gameplay is just perfect.

    Empire because it was the first total war game which I bought at release and I had lots of fun with it. It also has a huge replay value.

    Napoleon, because it's even better than Empire in all ways except replay value

    Shogun 2, because it simply is the best looking total war game to date and has extremely good gameplay
  • ltwassltwass Registered Users Posts: 54
    edited May 2011
    Rome. For many, many reasons (music!). But I mostly remember defending a city, setting an attacking siege tower on fire, and all of the troops dieing as it collapsed. And thinking, "This is the greatest game ever."
  • ItfanItfan Banned Users Posts: 942
    edited May 2011
    Rome: no doubt!

    Variety of factions, period, map ...

    The game can be improved, but that's what I liked most.
  • epic_159750290354zas2GHfepic_159750290354zas2GHf Registered Users Posts: 7,128
    edited May 2011
    Medieval 2 for me. Idk, probably just because I like Medieval Europe. And I like to kill the pope when he is leading his own army outside of Rome.

    Well written music, largest TW time frame, many (visible) upgrades for your units, many different nations, crusades, Americas, Teutonic Knights. The horse charges suck though in M2... :/
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  • CogreCogre Registered Users Posts: 2,200
    edited May 2011
    m1 all the way, best ai and gameplay by miles

    btw how many times are we going to have this poll question?
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  • Simon PageSimon Page Registered Users Posts: 50
    edited May 2011
    Rome is definately my favourite, closely followed by Medieval 2 (so much fun with hotseat campaigns & Britannia expansion campaign)
  • Skollops#2496Skollops#2496 Registered Users Posts: 3,358
    edited May 2011
    Shogun 2! I still wonder why so many votes for Rome. It was good but not that good.
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  • KlunzKlunz Registered Users Posts: 1,436
    edited May 2011
    Voted S2TW, but if they'd remake ETW with all the stuff they can do now and do it properly, that would rock my world and would ultimately be my favourite TW game! :)
  • ImanWorldImanWorld Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited May 2011
    alll of themmm
  • King RufusKing Rufus Registered Users Posts: 1,681
    edited May 2011
    Is it that Rome was really that good, or is just everyone overexcited to see the remake?
  • fastfouriertransformfastfouriertransform Registered Users Posts: 144
    edited May 2011
    I think Shogun 2 did a good job updating and upgrading it's predecessor, which imo would have been in the top 3 or 5 in this poll, so it gets 1st place. Rome would get my vote for 2nd, NTW probably will get 3rd and STW probably 4th, MTW 5th.
  • GuardianOfBlindGuardianOfBlind Registered Users Posts: 947
    edited May 2011
    All Total War games dream of being Rome:TW when they grow up :p
  • XandXand Registered Users Posts: 172
    edited May 2011
    Probably Rome since it was brilliant and was the first truly brilliant game to capture the feel of the Roman era.
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