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What is your favourite TW game to date?



  • ItfanItfan Banned Users Posts: 942
    edited May 2011
    There was also Centurion, a very good game: wiki
  • ElmarkOFearElmarkOFear Registered Users Posts: 565
    edited May 2011
    I voted for the original Shogun, more for nostalgic reasons and for the multiplayer community that game started and allowed to flourish. MTW1 was also very good for the MP community, but it began changing the original Shogun's mp balance and gameplay.

    So from a multiplayer community standpoint, I voted Shogun 1: The game that started it all, and which kept me enthralled for a very long time.
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  • BatavusBatavus Registered Users Posts: 457
    edited May 2011
    Shogun 2.

    It's as good as the first Shogun, only better!

    RTW: super.
    M2TW: fantastic
    ETW: hohum. Playing as United Provinces and conquering India was good fun though. And beating the Prussians of course...
    NTW: the best musket-era TW game. Cannot really compare it with Shogun 2 but in playability terms they're about equal.

    In contrast with many other TW fans, I prefer smaller geographical locations. That is why I prefer Shogun 2 because it just breathes feudal Japan's atmosphere. In M2TW, Rome and Empire, I feel more like an administrator who has to allocate proper budgets, blablabla, I feel less like a great general. Different units doesn't do much for me. In Rome this meant opposing factions were most times easier to beat (Gaul and other barbarian factions or even the phalanx-based Greek factions and Alexander's offspring).

    So in short, I like smaller geographical locations so I feel more immersed in the game. Conquering the (known) world doesn't do much for me.
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  • Napoleon 2ndNapoleon 2nd Registered Users Posts: 2,151
    edited May 2011
    I can't decide between Rome and Med2. Both amazing games. Just gonna go of can't decide....
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  • PATRIOT45PATRIOT45 Registered Users Posts: 686
    edited May 2011
    Etw, I spent more than 500 hours on its campaigns!
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  • HardwaremasterHardwaremaster Registered Users, Tech Moderators Posts: 6,391
    edited June 2011
    I have to say Shogun 2, Graphics and good game-play together make it perfect for me.. And finally a good Co-op mode. Inturesting results so far
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  • AelitaAelita Registered Users Posts: 130
    edited June 2011
    I love empire total war for it's scope. I hope ca creates a game with the same scope but with the new features added in napoleon (etw2? Victoria tw? age of discovery tw?)
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  • Tyer032392Tyer032392 Registered Users Posts: 4,787
    edited June 2011
    I am turn between Rome Total war and Medieval 2 total war. I love Rome for its unique unit classes that only exists in that time period, and the music is awesome as well, but the graphics are a bit dated for a total war game, though dont get me wrong I prefer a game with a excellent story to it, which Rome did, but I also love to watch very pretty battles.

    Medieval 2 on the other hand had the same engine, just more polished, and better fighting animations, and a killer campaign to it as well, but it doesnt have the legendary Roman Cohorts that I love a lot, and the awesome looking Roman city's, and their senate, though they did have the Papal States, that I guess is sorta the same as the Roman Senate.
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  • RaduRadu Registered Users Posts: 421
    edited June 2011
    Medieval 2.

    Rome was fantastic, but M2 took what rome was and polished it into a brilliant game.
  • BonfireBonfire Registered Users Posts: 280
    edited June 2011
    Rome all the way, the speeches given before battles gave us heroes to root for (albeit insane and all too often suicidal heroes).
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  • Jedi TediJedi Tedi Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited June 2011
    Although Rome Total War was my first of my collection, Empire is my favourite!! With the growing cities eventually becoming big enough for construction being a great aspect. This game offers so many different nations and new nations like Quebec, Hessen, Hungary, Romania, Mamelukes, Gran Columbia, Mexico and the Ultimate IRELAND!! Really well created and thought out I find it never becomes boring because you can play it so many different ways.

    There is only one or two problems that I have picked up on, these being: the border line in the Cherokee territory cuts through the middle and (this next one not really a problem but) I hate the wilderness not being owned by a province in the Americas... Even if there has been some added on the warpath campaign. (Which is great)
    Another improvement that could have been done is the diplomacy options... not being able to see how the proposal will be taken, low, medium or high. (This aspect now in Shogun 2) I like the Shogun 2 incite revolt, best used with Ikko Ikki clan! Which would have been cool in Empire, as well joining wars...
    I find however that the introduction of naval battle makes this game epic too as well as shogun 2 and Napoleon. I would love however to have been able to play as the Mughal empire when they are weak because that would be quite fun!

    I could talk about it forever but to no real effect!

  • XandXand Registered Users Posts: 172
    edited July 2011
    Rome is my favourite but I'm loving Empire.
  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Registered Users Posts: 7,728
    edited July 2011
    I am the odd man out with my fellow (apparently very few) friends supporting NTW. I prefer the period, but also from a hardware and software perspective, it is odds on the most solid release, technically, of the more demanding WS engines with the ridiculous 32bit-bore application programming. Close second to S2 for visuals, and none of these titles are far and away the superior as I really enjoyed them all - except Empire -which while fun is and was, a bridge-too-far with the understanding of tech available at the time of delivery.
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  • andferpaandferpa Registered Users Posts: 2,520
    edited July 2011
    I agree with AL, the Napoleon was almost perfect, too bad it is not such a popular period
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  • Ancient_RuffianAncient_Ruffian Registered Users Posts: 2,861
    edited July 2011
    NTW for the manageable scope, the almost "old master oil painting" feel of the battlefield graphics, the wonderful detail in the campaign mode, and the sheer bloody exhilaration of the battles, especially when one has successfully flanked the enemy's artillery with a couple of squads of light horse and one is galloping in for the kill. Huzzah!
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  • Knight TemplarKnight Templar Registered Users Posts: 498
    edited August 2011
    Rome was my first ever Total War game and is for me the best/ The moment I first saw the intro movie I said to myself "This is going to be awesome." Rome had me hooked for one year straight...so much so that I didn't play anything else. With mods like Europa Barbarorum, Roma Surrectum 2, and Rome Total Realism, RTW's life span for me became virtually indefinite...at least until Total War: Rome II comes out.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Adelaide AustraliaPosts: 0
    edited August 2011
    Rome was/is a great game. M2 was fun. Empire had scope. Nappy was pretty. S2 is my mp favourite.

    Each has something going for it....
  • nanuchasnanuchas Registered Users Posts: 82
    edited August 2011
    its hard to choose one.My favorites are Shogun 2,Empire and Medieval 2.I voted for Empire because lately i have been very intested in ~17th century.All those pistols,carbines,dragoons,cannons,colonies looks fantastic.I don't think Empire is best i don't even want to compare for me probably the best is Shogun 2 but you know i got bored little bit over the time and i was impressed by 17th century.But samurai's are awesome
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