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SolvedFound how to improve FPS and GPU Usage !!

s4ccios4ccio Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 66
edited June 2016 in Performance & Graphics
Hey there!
I think I maybe found how to improve FPS on battle maps..
That's not something incredible and maybe someone already knows that, well simply press K key during battles.

Of course this is not exactly a solution, because in this way you will lose all the strategic infos and everything connected with UI battle, to make it clear, you will look at the game as a movie.

I don't know if CA is already aware of this, but I discovered that in those situations when my gpu usage goes down to something around 65% and it drops fps, doing as I just wrote will make the gpu working at 99% giving a very good fps boost!

My rig :

i7 2600k
16gb ram
980ti Gigabyte Extreme
OS : Win 10
Game installed on SSD

I hope this info will give some feedback to CA guys, It seems that something with UI battle is preventing the GPU from working ad it should do.

Sorry for my english
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  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    What are your graphics settings and FPS you're getting friend.
  • s4ccios4ccio Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 66
    I play on Ultra preset, just set the shadows on High.
    In this way, except for the Counts prologue, which is very demanding, for example if I get around 50fps during a moment when gpu usage is on 70%, then I'll get something around 70fps or even more
  • Mario118Mario118 Member Registered Users Posts: 225
    edited May 2016
    I have a similar rig as yours minus the video card and I see a 4-5 FPS boost when I press K and disable the UI. I'm running on mostly high settings with a few options at Ultra and MLAA. I get around 42 FPS with the UI and 46-47 with the UI off.

    i7 2600k - 3.4GHz
    16gb DDR3 ram
    GTX 770 4gb
    OS: Win 10
    SSD install
  • s4ccios4ccio Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 66
    edited May 2016
    I see but the gpu makes a lot of difference in this way.
    It is reasonable such difference between 770 and 980ti (mine is overclocked with a core on 1560 hz)
    Can you tell me which is your gpu usage?
    You can see it if you use msi afterburner showing is as OSD
    Forgot to mention that my cpu is at 4.5ghz
  • s4ccios4ccio Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 66
    I'd like to put this situation on the attention of CA staff.

    Is it possible that when the gpu has to render few things that are not purely 3d it doesn't work at its maximum causing fps dropping?

    Can this be optimized?
  • Gfy22Gfy22 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 541
    edited June 2016
    I'm getting as much as a 20 fps increase just turning the ui off. That's ridiculous.

    Is there a graphic setting that affects the ui?

    edit: Ok, so that may have only been a specific battle map. Now on campaign map or any other battle since, the FPS only changes by 3 to 4. Weird.
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    I5 6600k 4.5 Ghz
    16 GB Ram
    GTX 1060 6GB Vram
    Windows 10
    Samsung 500 GB SSD

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