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User Info RequiredCrashes during battle and on campaign, black screen issue?

Immortal_Vampire_56Immortal_Vampire_56 Registered Users Posts: 7
edited June 2016 in Crashes
Hey, like many of you I brought Total War Warhammer recently and everything appears to work fine...apart from the graphics.

The issue for me is that whether I'm on the battle map or the campaign map, the game will freeze, then the screen goes black and the sound cuts out. Then within seconds, the sound recovers and the game comes back, this would roughly happen every five minutes and at one point in the middle of battle, it caused my machine to crash and restart it was that bad.

It has made the game unplayable which is bad because there's so much to enjoy about it.

I mostly qualify for the minimum recommendations to play the game, but obliviously it isn't working, even though I've got the graphics set to lowest setting, as the game itself recommended.

I have a Windows 10 pro, two ADM Graphics Cards (HD 8550G and R9 M275X), the driver versions for them are HD 8550G (15.201.1151.1008) R9 M275X (15.300.1025.1001).

Memory size is 768MB for HD 8550G, 2048MB for R9 M275X.

Operating System type is 64 bit and CPU type is AMD A8-557M APU.

Also would using Steam to play the game count as a possible factor, because I heard something about playing the game offline somehow makes things run smoother?

Any help to solve this issue, which judging by the ever increasing pages on the Crash section I am not alone in would be great.
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