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Attila Total War Ultimate Glitches and bug thread

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Hello Im very displeased with the abandoning of Attila. I was waiting to play the game with all the patches and with no bugs. Unfortunately after the Empire of sands patch bugs starting to pile up. Now the game have many glitches left, that are very annoying for me and for other people. I was forced to replace several files from 1.3 to 1.6 version to avoid some of them and this is ridiculous. I started this thread so it is easily to track. Please CA fix this issues they were not in the game in launch. I like warhammer and i know you focus all your man power their but I prefer historical total war titles and many people do. It will be long time before new historical game and the current one is left unfinished. Patches addressing this issues are needed. I'm sure. I will find more bugs and I will post them in this thread. I`m log term supporter of the series from the beginning and I waited many years to play the next Roman era games and the next one may be 10 years a head or never. You dedicated many hours and work on this games don't abandon them in this state. I will support only products that are finished and polished like shogun and napoleon.

Graphics Issue

1. Campaign lighting issue
After the Empire of sands patch the lighting in the campaign did not change with the climate or seasons. The lighting before the patch was dark and moody with post apocalyptic atmosphere. The weather also did not change, in winter there supposed to be snowing instead there is rain in the winter in Britain and nowhere in the map is raining or snowing anymore. I find temporary solution for this, after replacing terrain.pack 1.6 with 1.3 the game have proper lighting and atmosphere but The Ma'rib Dam is missing from the campaign map because I replace the geometry also with this sollutin and patch is needed fixing this issue.

link to the thread > https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/163608/campaign-lighting
link to second thread > https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/187744/fixing-attila-campaign-lighting-by-modding#latest

2. The Last Roman Campaign map Province glitch.
The province of tangaste lost her faction color

link to the thread > https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/163029/the-last-roman-thagaste-province-faction-color-glitch/p1?new=1

3.Issue with dIstortion heat haze Effect in the game
I find that Heat haze no longer working I try every season in the desert and different locations and the effect is missing. The effect is missing in the campaign map also. I want to point that this issue is still present in Rome II but only during the summer again in the desert effect is missing there.

4. Eastern Roman Tagmata Calvary missing armor
Tagmata calvary have horse armor also in the unit card, but after the latest patch the armor disappear from the horse and you can still see it in the unit card.

5. Shadow combine with MSAA bug
When MSAA is on and you look close to the ground and buildings the shadows disappear and reappear glitching

6. Shadow flickering
This is a problem new to Attila. When you move the camera the shadows flicker like crazy. Rome have the same cascade shadows but didn't have this issue.

Link to Issue

7. Rome Imperial Palace glitches
Here are some screenshots showing geometry problems in the Imperial Palace in Rome with a closer look you can see the problems, the geometry is deformed.

8. Constantinopole Palace glitch
Similar problem, the ground geometry stretches and deformes

9. No reflections in water.
The game have space grid reflections. but they are very low res compared to Warhammer. This make them almost non existent in water

It is clearly visible and in night battles the fire is not reflected in the water, but he is a light source so he should be visible the most.

I made a fake fire reflection to show a comparison and how should look.

10. Sea foam effect mask issue
The issue here is clearly visible there is a issue with the alpha mask of the foam overriding the 3d model and preventing the effect of fading to the depth of the keel of the ship. The water reflection is extremely low res and need more quality water reflection similar to Shogun 2.

11. langobards young wolves texture issue
The problem is that when you move the camera a random texture pop up in the upper screenshot the shields looks like they supposed to be but when rotating the camera a random pattern reappear.

12. Bastion Icon glitch
After you deploy all of the bastion catapults on the wall, the icon supposed to disappear like for the other fortification but the bastion icon still prompt that you didn`t deploy them

13. Shadows disappear in campaign map
When you finish a battle and the animation of the soldier play when one kill the other the shadows are missing and reappear after you take control. This issue is only preset id you use unlimited memory option if you turn i off the issue is not there but this downgrade the visuals.

Gameplay Issues

1. Roman dialogue missing
The problem is all roman related dialogue were removed because of the Charlamagne DLC conflict with western christian factions in the DLC. This result led to breaking the roman factions dialogue in the main game. CA fix this is an issue. This is clearly a bug. Units like the Legio comitatenses used to mention the Empire or the Emperor.
This is a line from the patch CA did and
"Western European Christian nation voiceover occasionally refers to Rome when referencing themselves/their enemies."

Link to the thread > https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/169353/roman-dialogue-bug#latest

2. Shift attack Issue
With shift attack you can draw path in Attila and this works but when you locked your units in formation the, the units have problem with the pathfinding they constantly stop at every corner of the curve and move very slowly and sluggishly, i suppose this is problem when the soldiers wait any one to be in line but the must move flawlessly after that instead they stop in any little corner of the curve to realign.

3. ERE armies referred themselves as fleet not armies when selected and given orders

4. Playing as WRE and when you kill enemy army and the general there is no immediate popup message in the log window about the battle. Instead when you make some action like end turn the massage appear over the end turn phase. The issue also randomly appear after some action in the map or exiting the tabs.

Performance Issues

When Attila was release for me and many other people the game have serious performance issues during battles. I made a research to find the problem in the past month when I bought 980 TI, I was still disappointed to find a problems even when I clock my cpu 2600k to 4.7ghz.

The benchmark did not address big battles and cannot accurately show the problem. The issue that many people have is when the battle start and army collide the fps tank to 15 fps on even latest processors and top cards. Before the battle the fps stays around 60 fps even when the two army face each other and did not charge. When the battle starts and the soldiers begin to fight and animations and AI start to calculate, then the fps drop. When the battle progress looks like the CPU cache did not clear and even when all of the soldiers are dead the fps is still around 15 fps. When you look close even from bird eye view the fps drop around 25 30 fps when look at the battlefield. I find that the problem are the dead bodies. When I select best performance for the unit details the fps is very playable even on huge battles around 45 fps zoomed in. When you change unit details from extreme to performance there is no fps change because the drop of fps is not the unit LOD but the dead bodies.

I suggest an options for dead body fade over time similar to units fade. Thats way you can have unit details on extreme and still have the gore animations and good LOD distance and the same time good fps. The body will disappear slowly over time and let say 70-80% of them will disappear and small portion will be left for immersion.

If this option is toggle will resolve the problem most people have with the current systems they have. There is no need to downgrade the buildings and environment detail or soldiers LOD. In the future when people upgrade their pc they just will disable the option, and if you downgrade the unit detail now they wont have that option. Please Introduce dead body fade toggle option and after a while they will disappear and some bodies will stay.

1. Link to the original thread > https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/162712/attila-unit-detail-dead-bodies-performance-issues

Similarly to my Rome II post this option can be implemented the same way.

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    Ok, so first of all, I have to say that many things have changed positively since the release of Attila, and I really enjoy the game at its current state. Great job, CA. However, there are still things that can be improved to make Attila even more replayable, without serious interfering with the game core. All my remarks cover Grand Campaign, and maybe TLR a bit. Note that some of them are not particular bugs or glitches, but ideas how to improve the gameplay, and some state serious immersion killers. So lets start:

    A) Add option of changing Capital

    B ) Nomadic steppe tribes like Roxolani or Jazyges should be removed from the game (well, maybe except for Sabirs). The reasons were already discussed many times, especially Mr. Darios gave a lot of accurate arguments for this, so I will not repeat them. But if they cannot be removed, then at least replace their Hunnic units with Alani ones.

    C) Bring back full-barded horses for Gyan-Avspar and Pushtigban Cataphracts, as they were at release.

    D) Fleets. Fire ships should be only accessible for the ERE to make them more unique, the fact that any barbarian tribe can recruit them is ridiculous. Barbarians (except for Vandals, for obvious reasons and maybe Ostrogoths due to their faction trait) should not have access to ram, Liburnian and Dromon Warships - their elite sailors should be on barbarian style ships. Artillery ships should not be accessible for barbarians, as they were not in Rome 2.

    E) Since we have the White Huns, only they should be able to recruit Uar troops. For regular Huns, Uar units should be replaced with Gothic Warband, like in the historical battle of the Catalaunian Plains. That would make the White Huns more unique and historical accurate, and weaken already OP regular Huns.

    F) Fix glitched Venedian faction trait (except for farms without penalty, it seems to be broken at the moment, neither bonus from agriculture, nor penalty for other sources of income works). EDIT - Hunnic cultural trait (decreasing morale of Christian factions) does not work with Eastern Christianity.

    G) Fix broken ancillaries (some of them, like ones giving additional experience for newly recruited troops do not work)

    H) Fix the Caledonians garrison bug, for God's sake. Ok, to be more precise, there is much more complicated issue with the Caledonians. For some unfathomable reason, they cannot get Round Shield Raiders via tech and upgrading Mounted Spear Raiders, like Ebdanians and Picts. But the unit is still accessible for them, as a separate one. Moreover, Round Shield Raiders are also a garrison units, together with Mounted Spear Raiders. This adds from 1 to 3 (or even more with booley buildings) additional units (elite one, may I say) to already super strong Celtic garrison. The same issue by the way, covers another Celtic unit (though not garrison one this time) - hounds. Picts and Ebdanians get Wolfhounds via upgrade Sighthounds, and Caledonians have Wolfhounds as a separate unit, I wonder if it is an oversight. It seems, that Furor Celtica technology is broken for Caledonians (this tech allows Ebdanians and Picts to upgrade mentioned units). One last thing - in Custom battles Caledonians have access to 4 types of general units (including Celtic nobles), but during the campaign, you directly upgrade Celtic Warlord to Noble Archers (there are only 3 general units). To sum up, Caledonians are quite a messed up faction, and I wonder why players did not inform CA about that, the problem exists since Celtic DLC release in March 2015...

    I) Large onagers should be only accessible for "civilised" factions (Romans and Sassanids), not for barbarians and Huns. Normal onager should be more difficult to recruit for barbarians (on higher level of Wood Carver building tree). And mercenary onagers should be less common across the map, limited to only few provinces, in small numbers and more expensive in both hiring and upkeep. Especially mercenary Celtic onagers - their price is so ridiculously low, that it seems like a bug for me. Artillery ships should not be available to barbarians, and mercenary ones should be less common, more expensive and more difficult to acquire.

    J) This is a bit more complicated. It was mentioned by Mr. Darren somewhere that there is a possibility to add lacking building slot in some settlements like Nova Traiana Bostra or Ancyra. However, that would interfere with old saves. So I guess, for that change Community should be asked if the want such implementation. In my case, I am for this.

    K) I agree with all bugs/glitches mentioned by OPs in this thread (declining garrison bugs, bringing back old skin for Gothic Palatina Defectors, new horse models for Tagmata). BTW I am pretty sure, that Vandal Warlord also has a different horse model than one on the unit card. EDIT - the same goes for Noble Acatziri Raiders, Steppe Raiders and Hunnic Mounted Warband.

    L) Would not mind having additional one or two new historical battles, especially since we have AoC already. Covandoga or Poitiers are especially tempting.

    M) After 445 AD whole map is a barren wasteland. Some regions should not be hit so hard by climate change (like Egypt, Mesopotamia, a few Iberian, Italian or African provinces). Maybe every second climate change should affect them? Otherwise it makes the whole migration option pointless in long term.

    N) Fix broken achievements. Currently it seems that 5 of them are broken: the one with tribute to the Huns, changing religion and conversion and 3 achievements covering fleets (sunken ships). Or at least mark them as unachievable. Additionaly, there is still misleading 'Show no mercy' achievement descryption - it says that you have to kill at least 1000 enemies in the battle, where it actually has to be 10000.

    O) There are some translational issues, I mentioned some in misleading Polish translation for Venedian faction trait thread.

    These are some of my ideas. I do not expect everyone to accept them, though I think that most Attila players would agree at least with some of them. If any other idea/bug will come to my mind I will edit this post.

    EDIT: next ideas that came to my mind :
    P) Add Slavic mercenaries and Slavic rebels instead of Eastern Germanic Rebels (in Slavic starting provinces, obviously). Would not mind having one additional Slavic general unit (other playable factions have at least two general units), adding it is not beyond reasoning, like with additional general units to Longbeard DLC factions one patch later. Cavalry general, especially.

    Q) In Sclavenians Campaign, I have not experienced any factional dillemas, I do not now if it is intended or a glich. The same goes for small mission like constructing religious building etc.

    R) Make Visigoths Arian Christians, not pagans. Or at least make it possible to convert them to Arianism (it is not possible right now due to too low Arian local traditions in provinces).

    S) Desolation - while it is much better than at the release, AI is still not really willing to recolonize, even if AI faction is powerful, has plenty of cash and has really nothing else to do. This is especially odd, when the AI has 2 out of 3 regions in the province and colonizing the third one would actually be beneficial.

    T) I built wonder required for military Divine Triumph as Sclavenians and did not get Veni Vidi Vici achievement (one for Divine Triumph) - it is annoying. Do I have to replace it with Lunar Temple to get the achievement, or is it a bug?

    U) In Encyclopaedia, White Hunnic Xionite Spears and Yanda Spearmasters are under melee infantry tab, not spear infantry.

    V) The Prologue is still bugged - sometimes Battle of Adrianopole do not trigger, even after migration to ERE lands. In my opinion, it has to be something with Fitigern being still alive or dead - in my case, when he died out of age, I could not finish the Prologue, because battle did not trigger. Then I restarted it, and when Fitigern was still alive everything went fine.

    W) There is still infamous 'Chapter 5' bug, which makes goals for chapter 5 impossible to fulfil, if you gained any victory before 445 AD or between 445 -450 AD - one turn later chapter is marked as completed.

    EDIT 2: Gothic Palatina Defectors issue is fixed :) However, it would be nice to get full list of changes which came with each patch. I am pretty sure, that since EoS info we have received on Wiki was only partial.

    EDIT 3: Another strange thing I have encountered recently in my campaigns is fact that units are disappearing spontaneously from the stacks after a couple of turns (especially if army is idle, and stays in the settlement). This includes by far Germanic Spear Masters, Slavic Noble Spearmen and Chosen Shields. This is really odd and maybe it has something to do with some units disappearing from the garrisons after upgradng. Have you ever experienced it, guys?

    EDIT 4: There is still a graphical glitch with Young Wolves - shield pattern is changing, depending on direction you look at them. Guard Mode would be a nice addition to the game too.

    EDIT 5: Sarmatian cataphracts have bows, although the do not have arrows. Many cav units, like clibanarii or Sarmatian elite cataphracts, or Hunnic lancers, after depleting their ammo, do not change weapon for meele one (lance, sword etc.), at least before the charge. There are more translational issues in Polish version - among Celtic mercenaries there are: mercenary Celtic band (in Polish version currently it is najemni topornicy celtyccy, should be najemna celtycka banda), mercenary Celtic warband (now it is najemna celtycka banda, proper form is najemna celtycka wataha), mercenary Celtic brigands (najemni celtyccy berserkarzy - rozbójnicy, proper form is najemni celtyccy rozbójnicy), mercenary Celtic onager (now najemni topornicy celtyccy, proper form is najemny (celtycki) onager). In AoC, in victory conditions on each tab, it is written 'Towje' imperium, and it should be 'Twoje'.

    Spear thrusts and mace hits cutting off heads - seriously...

    EDIT 6: It would be nice to have more unique - looking family members (I am not talking about faction leader) and standard bearers. I mean, Saxons and Norsemen have both unique family members and default Germanic ones, but Celts, Slavs and Alans do not. The same goes for Tanukhids, Lakhmids and Himyar in case of family members and standard bearers apart from faction leaders (which are bugged now, btw) they all look like Sassanid ones.

    EDIT 7: Since recent patches, many faction leaders (and their wives) are 100 years old and more. Nowadays it is not that common, not to mention 5th century AD... I have also noticed, that it is possible to marry a chick from the other faction, who was previously given as a wife for them,a bit strange to be honest. There are two units that should be definately changed - Persian mounted warriors (both Sassanid and merc version) and Persian camel raiders - thier riders does not look Persian at all, more like invading Arabs from 7th century. I also have a suggestion how to make Suebi roster more unique in a single move - Suebi warriors should be an upgrade of Germanic warband, and Suebi champions a separate unit.

    EDIT 8: New issues and ideas, lets move on!
    * Slavic Nations emblem is not visible after battle on the battle statistics screen
    * Crashes happen quite often, especially late game, when I press Tab for an overview map or enter family tree/diplomacy tab.
    * While I really like new, alternate versions of soundtrack, which came with TLR, and dynamic versions from EoS, I miss some old versions (from the release), and really would like to hear them sometimes.
    * Lancers of the Oasis for some reason are marked as tier I unit, although they are an upgrade of Amazigh lancers - tier II unit
    * I have no problem with the strength of poison arrows (campaign-wise it is fine), but exhaustion effect should no be pernament.
    * Would not mind having unique Vandal units from TLR campaign in GC/custom battles.
    * Persian mounted bowmen (Sassanid and mercenary) should have Parthian shot ability (I know, they are called mounted bowmen, but as Alans, they have long traditions of horse archery, unlike eg. Equites Sagittarii, and it simply feels wrong that they do not have this ability)
    * Hunnic warlord has invisible weapons (sword and bow) until he uses them. This unit is also lacking Parthian shot ability.
    * Sarmatian cataphract lancers do not use their shield in melee. Or do it in inappropriate and strange way.
    * Tanukhids faction trait Victory rallies does not work.
    * +15% missle range from Ybors' trait Godans' Eye does not work.
    * Rebel factions (Anatolia, Judaea and Palmyra) have Berber unit roster.
    * Celtic paganism as a local tradition in Dacia in 5th century?! A bit strange, to put it mildly.
    * This is gonna be long one. I understand the reasons behind decision of decreasing cavalry speed of some of the heaviest units, but 45 is an overkill. Seriously. They are now slower than camels and elephants. o. O. Even some infantry units can outrun them, when tired or with rapid advance. With ridiculous detachment penalty, consecutive charges with them are impossible, as the die after one engagement, since they cannot run fast enough. Additionally, there is no logic here...how come, that heavily armed clibnarii with full-barded horse can easily outrun only half-barded (they became like that after some patch BTW, and looked cooler before this change) Pushtigban/Gyan Aspvar? This is even more stupid that they can outrun also Sarmatian cataphract lancers, Alani heavy cataphracts, Lakhmid Al-Dawser and Al Shahba with no barded horses at all! And Al -Dawser is not even marked as Very heavy cav, but just heavy cav (like clibanarii) so it should have speed value of 70...All of these units are outrun by full-barded Savaran sardar/Spahbed (medium cav). On the other hand, there are three units of Very heavy cav, that have no reduced speed: Lakhmid King's Radif, Tanukhid Mavia's Bodyguards (both have 70 speed value) and Ebdanian King's Fianna (80!). To sum up, I think that this reducion for very heavy cav should not be such severe (60 or even 55 should be fine IMO), and there should be logic behind this - I can understand clibanarii outrunning Gyan-Aspvar if the latter is fully barded (as they were at release, and I really would like their horses to be fully barded -they looked so cool and elite), but not now.

    Edit 9: Now, a follow-up to my latest point in EDIT 8. Actually I have realised that a lot of units have wrong speed value, that does not match their affiliation. In Attila there are following base speed values: infantry (very light 40, light 38, medium 33, heavy 32 and very heavy 31), cavalry ( very light 100, light 90, medium 80, heavy 70 and 45 for very heavy (as I wrote, it is an overkill, but according to CA it should be like that atm). elephants (both types have 55, armoured should be a litte slower IMO) and camels (camels seem to be quite a mess, there are only two speed values for them (73 and 65), but there are all affiliation types of camels and at the same time very light and heavy camel units have speed of 73, when 65 is common among heavy and very heavy - I cannot figure out which values are supposed to be right, but camels should be definately slower than their horse counterparts, maybe with some bounus in desert). Here is a list of units with a wrong speed value according to their affiliation:

    *WRE/ERE: contarii (medium cav, but speed value 90)
    *Roman expedition: bucallari (medium cav, speed value 70)
    *Aksum: mounted Marz archers (very light cav, speed value 90)
    *Alans: Alani nobles (medium cav, speed value 70), Alani cavalry warriors (medium cav, speed value 90), Sarmatian heavy cavalry (medium (???) cav, speed value 70), cataphract archers (medium cav, speed value 70), mounted sword raiders and Alani chosen raiders (both medium cav, speed value 100)
    *All Slavic factions: Slavic large shields (heavy inf, speed value 31), Salvic warriors and Slavic champions (both medium inf, speed value 38), Perun's champions (very heavy inf, speed value 33), Slavic axe warriors (medium inf, speed value 31), Slavic skirmishers and noble skirmishers (both light inf, speed value 33), Slavic raiders and horse raiders (both light cav, speed value 100). Additionally Venedians: followers of Veles (medium inf, speed value 31) and Sclavenians: horse cutters and horse butchers (both medium inf, speed value 38).
    *White Huns: Xionite spears (light inf, speed value 33), Yanda spearmasters (very heavy inf, speed value 33), guardians of the Hindu Kush (heavy inf, speed value 33)
    *All Celtic factions: Celtic cavalry raiders (very light cav, speed value 80), mounted spear raiders (medium cav, speed value 70). Additionaly Picts: Pictish swordsmen (medium inf, speed value 32) and Ebdanians: King's Fianna (very heavy cav, speed value 80).
    *Himyar: Zodiac archers (light cav, speed value 80)
    *Lakhmids: al- Dawser (heavy cav, speed value 45), king's Radif (very heavy cav, speed value 70)
    *Ostrogothic kingdom: comes (medium cav, speed value 70), noble horsemen (medium cav., speed value 70)
    *Tanukhids: Sandstorm lancers (very light cav, speed value 90), Mavia's bodyguards (very heavy cav, speed value 70)
    *Sassanid empire: both elephant units have speed value, although Indian elephants are very light, and armoured version is heavy

    These units should have changed their speed value or affiliation. There should be also resolved case with camels (it is pretty stupid that very light Afar camel raiders have the asme speed value like camel clibanarii, which are by the way faster then Sogdian camel raiders).

    EDIT 10: Next issues:
    * Jamal al-Rumha unit seems weird in many ways, though being skirmisher cav, it does not have Parthian shot ability (which looks like a bug, any other cav skirmisher unit in this game has PS ability) and the way it uses its shield is weird, instead using it for both skirmishing and melee, the shield is used only during melee, being before that pointlessly on riders' back. Additionaly, there is a mistake in Polish translation - in unit descryption it is written 'konni oszczepnicy' while it should be rather 'oszczepnicy na więlbłądach'.
    * Another Alani issue: it is possible to recruit large onagers during the GC, but somehow they are unavailable in custom battle. Were Alans intended not to be able to recruit large onager (like most recent factions)? And Alani skirmishers - except for Sarmatian mounted skirmishers, other horse skirmishers have suprisingly low rate of fire, comparing with other horse skirmishers (respectively Cavalry raiders 35, mounted sword raiders 43 and chosen Alani raiders 35) - usually cavalry skirmshers have more than 60 in rate of fire.
    * There is a graphic glitch with bucellari guard axemen - they look like they are about to throw franciska, not pilum/javelin.
    * I have found a glitch close to Gelonus. Earth looks like a cliff there.

    EDIT 11: Another things:
    * Alani navy is in a quite messed state - Chosen Alani Boatmen and all Alani missle ships have a cavalry unit banner in encyclopaedia and after disembarking. Additionaly, Alani light marauders fight with bare hands, their swords are in sheaths. Alani marauders, on the other hand, look exactly the same like Alani light marauders (and completely different from their apperance on unit banner, where they have falx) except having their swords unleashed...
    * I have realised tha factional dilemmas (like flyting or one with horse breeder, and the rest of them when you have to wait one turn for the result of your decision) and small missions like take X settlement or start war with X faction dissapear after some amount of turns from campaign. This is sad, especially in late game, since they add some diversity, especially, when player wants to reach divine triumph, discovered all tech, and the game becomes tedious, as you usually fight Sassanids or other superpower that is left, and there is nothing else to do. Not to mention, that it seems that some factions do not have dilemmas at all (I have not encountered a single one in Sclavenian campaign, and I am already after 500 turns in the game). By the way, AFAIK this is also still a burning issue in Rome II.
    * Where are quivers for archers, crossbowmen and mounted versions? Any archer unit in Rome II has quiver (Sorry, I have checked it and not all of them, but many of them, and almost all horse archers. All archers had quivers in Rome 1 and Med II ;-) ).

    EDIT 12: Here we go:
    * Tanukhid faction leader is still sometimes missing legs on the campaign and battle map.
    * Alani Cataphract Archers should not be upgradeable to the Grey Hairs, but should remain as a separate unit.
    * I have no problem with Slavic poison arrows, however exhaustion effect caused by them should not be permanent for the entire battle, once inflicted. IMO it should wither throughout the time.
    * Faction trait of the Anteans should be applied to some settlement battles as a positive modifier (the ones with river or located in the woods).
    * Duchy of Croatia from AoC should have Slavic roster and culture (they are Christians properly)
    * There is a glitched animation once one zoom in archers/crossbowmen - missles once released, seem to bounce off in a strange way.
    * I have found some strange thing about mercenaries. Since there are no unique merc units, just copies of units available to different factions, logically speaking they should be the same as their prototypes. Well, all of them have altered upkeep cost, recruitment cost and a slightly decreased morale, which is understandable and fine. However, some of them have more stats/features different than the original version. Here is the list of them:

    * Mercenary Celtic Berserkers (lacking Frenzied Charge ability)
    * Mercenary Celtic Warband (lacking Renzy ability)
    * Mercenary Desert Legionary Defectors (lower reload, melee attack, melee defence, charge bonus and health)
    * Mercenary Agathyrsi Warriors (higher armour)
    * Mercenary Axe Heerbann (lower melee defence, higher armour and mark as a heavy infantry with speed 32)
    * Mercenary Germanic Warband (higher melee attack and armour, lower melee defence, marked as heavy infantry with speed 32)
    * Mercenary Nordic Brigade (lower melee defence, higher armour and marked as light infantry with speed 38)
    * Mercenary Celtic Archers (lacking Rapid advance ability)
    * Mercenary Celtic Skirmishers (lacking Rapid advance ability)
    * Mercenary Elite Nubian Archers (lower missle damage)
    * Mercenary Armenian Slingers (lower melee defence, higher health, armour and marked as a very heavy infantry with speed 31)
    * Mercenary Kurdish Javelinmen (lower melee defence, higher armour and marked as light infantry with speed 38)
    * Mercenary Persian Hurlers (lower melee defence, higher armour and marked as light infantry with speed 38)
    * Mercenary Persian Skirmishers (lower melee defence, higher armour and marked as light infantry with speed 38)
    * Mercenary Nordic Skirmishers (lower melee defence, higher armour and marked as light infantry with speed 38)
    * Mercenary Gothic Pikemen (lower melee defence, higher armour)
    * Mercenary Celtic Spears (lacking Spear wall ability)
    * Mercenary Desert Raiders (lower melee defence, higher armour)
    * Mercenary Tuareg Camel Spearmen (lacking javelins and lower charge bonus)
    * Mercenary Persian Mounted Warriors (lower armour and health, higher melee defence and with additional feature Resistant to fatigue
    * Mercenary Alani Horsemen (lower melee defence)
    * Mercenary Germanic Mounted Warband (lower melee defence, higher armour, and marked as light cavalry though with 100 speed)
    * Mercenary Vandal Raiders (lower melee defence, higher armour and health)
    * Mercenary Hunnic Mounted Warband (lacking Fire whilst moving feature)
    * Mercenary Steppe Raiders (lower reload, rate of fire, melee attack, charge bonus, health and melee defence)
    * Mercenary Nordic Mounted Raiders (lower melee defence, higher armour)
    * Mercenary Savaran Cavalry (unlike original, has Parthian shot)
    * Mercenary Hunnic Horse Archers (lacking Precision shot ability)
    * Mercenary Frankish Lancers ( lower charge bonus, melee defence, higher armour)
    * Mercenary Sarmatian Cataphracts (higher charge bonus, armour, lower melee defence)
    * Mercenary Steppe Lancers (lacking Fire whilst moving feature)
    * Mercenary Celtic Onager (lacking Barrage ability and it is way too cheap in both upkeep and recruitment, which was stated many times already)

    Additionally, all merc onagers are still way to cheap (recruitment and upkeep) and too common across the map.

    Best wishes to Community!
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  • Skywalker91Skywalker91 Registered Users Posts: 25
  • Bura89Bura89 Registered Users Posts: 597
    I add some old threads:

    -Some slavic model without feet: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/169339/some-slavic-units-lack-of-feet#latest
    -Steppe shield archers(Huns) without melee weapon: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/156025/swords-not-shown-on-steppe-archers#latest
    -Royal persian archers with crest model in...well...just take a look https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/169155/royal-persian-archers-wrong-crest-position#latest

    -Some roman units with wrong voices: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/163936/roman-units-voice-issue#latest
    -Artillery ships don't attack walls: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/170094/artillery-ships-dont-attack-walls#latest

    -Issue with Tanukhids desert levies: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/166796/tanukhids-after-patch-1-5-desert-levy#latest
    -Wrong weapon damage with slav large shield: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/169092/slavic-nations-large-shields-melee-damage#latest
    Demcik said:

    J) This is a bit more complicated. It was mentioned by Mr. Darren somewhere that there is a possibility to add lacking building slot in some settlements like Nova Traiana Bostra or Ancyra. However, that would interfere with old saves. So I guess, for that change Community should be asked if the want such implementation. In my case, I am for this.

    They said they won't change it so I'll give up asking. Anyway as CA made available the various old patches via steam, I think they could make an optional update. Then many updates had some interferences with previous patches so I wouldn't mind.

  • AngleSaxonAngleSaxon Registered Users Posts: 4
    This is one of the biggest current game-breaking bugs (because it breaks immersion more than anything for me):

  • Anund_GraenhjalmAnund_Graenhjalm Registered Users Posts: 57
    edited June 2016
    Demcik said:

    R) Make Visigoths Arian Christians, not pagans.

    This is one of the biggest current game-breaking bugs (because it breaks immersion more than anything for me):


    These, please.

    Also it is impossible to achieve all Minor Objectives for the Alans in the First Chapter. The time to complete the Objectives is 20 turns and you need 22 to investigate both Mastery of Terrain and Labour Service (Both of them are necessary for the minor achievements). The problem is that with the Alans new roster Alani Horsemen can not be recruited until you investigate Mastery of Terrain (which was not necessary before the Alans new roster)
    Glorious Crusader for Arian Visigoths

    Team Visigoths
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    Unable to convert custom made maps into the GC.
    Dwarf Battle cry: " For the High King and the glory of the dwarfs "
    Team Dwarves
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    • Please bring back fireballs for ambushes!!!!
    • Nerf the cav a bit more.
    • Make the Ai occupy the burnt world.

  • GalileyGaliley Registered Users Posts: 3
    Am playing Attila Total War main compaigne since a long time now and almost everything is great.
    Except this bug that I have.
    Am playing with WRE and after conquering the region with the Wonder " Ruins of Amon-Re" I noticed that I dont have the bonus of +1 public order faction wide.
    Am i delusional or it is a real bug ?
  • Sulieman the MagnficentSulieman the Magnficent Registered Users Posts: 1,851
    You cannot convert custom made settlements onto the grand campaign map.
    Dwarf Battle cry: " For the High King and the glory of the dwarfs "
    Team Dwarves
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    Galiley said:

    Am playing Attila Total War main compaigne since a long time now and almost everything is great.
    Except this bug that I have.
    Am playing with WRE and after conquering the region with the Wonder " Ruins of Amon-Re" I noticed that I dont have the bonus of +1 public order faction wide.
    Am i delusional or it is a real bug ?

    I have checked it in my old saves as Sassanids, and indeed, it does not work. Good point - we have another bug to report.
  • Firstson1Firstson1 Registered Users Posts: 12
    For a long time a very specific bug that occurs in Rome II and Attila has almost turned me of from future Total War. In the older games one of my favorite siege tactics was breaking through the gate then use siege towers to flank the enemy. Now in the newer game, when I try to send additional units up the towers to reinforce the flank attacks they head to the gate instead. When I have units on the wall, I try to send them along the wall but if there is a bend and a door/stairs they go down the stairs and then back up the nearest stairs.
  • Octavius_5#2653Octavius_5#2653 Registered Users Posts: 286
    The towers on Castled Dromon ships do not appear to fire any arrows. For Towered and Fortified ships, the tower only fires to the left (port hand side) of the ship.

    The ship hull bonus from buildings such as the Carpenter military upgrade line does not work.

    The WRE faction trait to reduce upkeep based on how many non-roman units are recruited does not appear to actually do anything.
  • VespasianvsVespasianvs Registered Users Posts: 8
    My biggest issue is the dialogue. I absolutely loved when Romans referred to the empire and the emperor, and after AOC they don't do that anymore.
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Registered Users Posts: 370

    My biggest issue is the dialogue. I absolutely loved when Romans referred to the empire and the emperor, and after AOC they don't do that anymore.

    Yeah this bug was introduced whit the Charlemagne actually the Charlemagne units talk about the roman empire and they deleate this quotes nnthe process destroying the roman voice overs. Great job CA
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Registered Users Posts: 370

    My biggest issue is the dialogue. I absolutely loved when Romans referred to the empire and the emperor, and after AOC they don't do that anymore.

    Yeah this bug was introduced whit the Charlemagne actually the Charlemagne units talk about the roman empire and they deleate this quotes nnthe process destroying the roman voice overs. Great job CA
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
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    Ok since my original post reached magical number of 1600 signs I want to continue in new one. So here we go:

    EDIT 13, new bugs, glitches and issues, 24.02.2017:
    * Almaqah Lancers shields disappear after charge, when they are engaged in melee
    * Celtic rebels have Norse unit roster, Aethiopian Separatists too. African Separatists have Eastern unit roster and Caucasian Separatists have Berber unit roster. African Separatists in TLR also have Eastern unit roster.
    * Priests should be tied to religion, not culture - it is so anticlimatic when Catholic Christian barbarians still have pagan priestesses
    * Most guys have already complained about disappearing units from Alani garrisons but they mainly mentioned cavalry. According to Honga, on second level of town/city Alans should have 3 units of Sarmatian Band, but after researching Roman System of Logistics there is just one unit of Sarmatian Warband. Germanic Spearmen/Spearmasters BS in Alani version...
    * Usually, there are two edicts common for a culture and two connected to religion. It seems however, that Desert Kingdoms have no unique religion-related edicts, because they have two edicts common for the Easterners and two other, which are the same no matter which religion they worship (Judaism, Eastern Christianity, Semitic Paganism, Zoroastrianism)
    * One cannot ignite the wooden tower during siege (there is no torch cursor) with missle units (both infantry and cavalry) even if they have Raider attribute.
    * Norse mercs in Britannia? Well, I can live with that, but it is quite strange.
    * There are still some terrain glitches, like Tarraco surrounded by water or some cleavages in the ground.
    * There is strange graphical glitch with melee cav when engaged - raider is sitting on the horseback, but suddenly moving backwards, suspended in the air and coming back in few seconds on the horseback again.
    * Now, some encyclopaedia and translational issues:
    - Encyclopaedia is generally quite misimformative about many thing. It says nothing about axes having bonus against infantry (and inproper value figures in unit descrypion) and inproper values or no info about shock cav having some bonus against other cav. Some hidden stats are also not included like Langobard clubmen or Scattershot slingers bonus vs infantry or boats with ballistae (if they do not have ballistae in name). Some garisson units are not included in building notes (like there is no info that Vandals have Alani horsemen/Noble Alani Cavalry as a garrison units).
    - Caledonian spear units: Cateran Brigade and Horse Whisperers are incorrectly under melee infantry tab. Additionally, all Celtic factions have their warhounds under melee infantry, and they should be also under spear infantry tab.
    - Descryption of Saxon Heroic Cavalry is about Picts and Scots, and does not make much sense to be honest, the same goes for Lakhmid Sanai - note is about spears, and unit is sword infantry.
    - In many shock cav units descryption there is a wrong date of Battle of Carrhae, it is 55 BC, should be 53 BC. Some of them have this date correct like Contari.
    - In AoC, Kingdom of Charlemagne has a unit with twisted name Mounted Archers (though they are in fact, missle infantry). It results in their wrong Polish name, Konni łucznicy. The same goes for Mounted Spearmen and Mounted Swordsmen - they are wrongly called now Konni włócznicy and Konni szermierze, both being infantry units.
    - During Saxon campaign, there are often used terms (mostly in chapter missions etc.) like Saksoni, saksoński, saksońskie etc. Proper form is Sasi, saski etc.
    - In some decryptions of shock cav it is written: służyła wojskom bizantyjskim i plemionom zachodniej Germanii. Should be: służyła wojskom bizantyjskim i plemionom zachodniogermańskim. I took this example from Frankish lancers. Interesingly, some factions, which were added later have this note in different but proper form: wojska Bizancjum, jak i germańskie ludy zachodu - this one is from Burgundian Royal Lancers.
    - Arabic horsemen: English descryption - The Himyarites flourished from the 1st to the 6th century AD, when they were conquered by invading Christians from Aksum. Current Polish descryption: Szczytowy okres rozwoju królestwa zaczął się w I wieku n.e., a zakończył w czasach islamskich, gdy zostali podbici przez chrześcijan. Should be Szczytowy okres rozwoju królestwa zaczął się w I wieku n.e., a zakończył w VI wieku n.e. gdy zostali podbici przez chrześcijańskich Aksumitów. Also, in this note there is earlier used expression late antiquity, translated as późne średniowiecze, powinno być późna starożytność
    - Many Norse units have such descryption part : Podejrzewa się także, że w późnym średniowieczu wikingowie dopłynęli do Ameryki, kilkaset lat przed Krzysztofem Kolumbem. Proper form: Podejrzewa się także, że we wczesnym średniowieczu (or później w Wiekach Ciemnych) wikingowie dopłynęli do Ameryki, kilkaset lat przed Krzysztofem Kolumbem.
    - Lakhmid Temple of Great Fires is in Polish version is called Świątynia Wielkich Ogni Himjarytów, should be Świątynia Wielkich Ogni Lachmidów.
    - All versions of Martial Culture technology have in Polish descryption word Niemcami, should be Germanami.
    - In TLR there are some names that are not fully translated like John Armeńczyk (should be Jan Armeńczyk, or even better Jan z Armenii).
    - Most units have some good unit descryption, which somehow relates to those units. But most Slav units have descryption like...history of spear or axe? Or personal bodyguards?

    *And now some ideas. As Mr Darios said in other thread, it would be cool to add new religion - Sarmatian Paganism. Alans could pick between Sarmatian Paganism and Arian Christianity to make them even more unique. I also have idea for Alans, to create for them new general skill tree (like Celts have), new army traditions and some unique technologies - the ones that would be related to Alani horsemanship prowess and pastoral lifestyle. They do not have to be even completely new, just mixing some usfeul ones from Hunnic/Sassanid skill tree/traditions with barbarian ones would be fine. Alani main strenght - powerful cav is not really supported by current skills/techs/traditions and is extremally expensive in both training and upkeep. In situatuation where player is somewhat forced to use mostly cav, especially late in the game, such support is greatly desired.
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    New update, 26th of July, 2017

    * There is quite a mess regarding garrisons for both Roman Empires. WRE and ERE get Praeventores in their garrisons once they are upgraded by tech, but there is no Exploratores unit in garrison before (BTW, I guess they were present in garrison from a start in the past, probably a new bug). Besides, WRE gets additional Cornuti Seniores units (1 additional via Town/City main building and 2 by Garrison building respectively) only once they are upgraded via tech. Logically, there should be proper number of previous spear units, like Limantei Borderguards (2/4 respectively). ERE gets one spear unit from Civitas (1lvl City), then two from Municipium (2lvl City) and then once again one from Urbs (3lvl City) and everything backs to normal with lvl 4 Metropolis (2 spear units).

    * There is an issue with recruitment regarding some EoS factions: I will copy my post from the other thread:

    Yes, it is exactly like that with 3 factions : Lakhmids, Himyar and Axum, the bug (it is definately a bug) makes it impossible to recruit some of previous units once level V of barracks is built. These units are:

    -for Lakhmids in the House of the Hagia Makatas cannot recruit Desert Archers and Deser Hurlers

    -for Himyar in the Abode of Sham’s Champions cannot recruit Desert Hurlers, in the Dwelling of the Khayyalim cannot recruit Elite Nubian Archers and **** Shotelai

    -for Axum in the House of the Hagia Makatas cannot recruit Desert Hurlers and Desert Archers, in the Abode of Sham’s Champions cannot recruit Desert Hurlers.

    It seems that level V barracks are once again broken, as they were previously, with inability to recruit some units (back then, some unique troops were missing).

    * Honestly saying, I do not really get the idea of suffering attrition whilst travels using roads, even on hostile terrain. As long as player wanders using road, everyting should be fine, regardless of traveling in winter, desert or swamp. In Rome 2 (inferior game, so to say) as long as army marches on roads, it does not suffer .

    * In my Hunnic campaign, I had my cavalry-only army, and added a spy in case of gaining some movement points. Paradoxally, as opposite to the description, the movement range was reduced, probably because the spy was the slowest unit there. Still, it seems like a bug for me (spies are not military units after all, and should not reduce campaign movement points.

    * Uppgrading Germanic Spear Masters to Suebi Oath Takers seems pointless - you simply get worse unit which is supposed to fulfil the same role on the battlefield, and yet which is much more expensive. Attack value should not be decreased from 40 to 27, maybe slightly increased even (not much, though, afer all, we are talking about spear unit, defensive-oriented one), and some other stats should be slightly increased to make this upgrade valuable. It is pretty pathetic that one of only 4 unique units for Suebi seems pretty useless at the moment, especially considering the fact, that I really like using spear units and their graphic model is pretty cool.

    * A translational issue: In Polish translation, Visigothic Slingers and Gardingi Cavalry have wrongly translated tribe name in unit descryption: Turyngowie. Should be: Terwingowie. BTW, in English version Slingers have a proper tribe name Thervingi, and Gardingi cav has wrong one: Thurungi. Mistransaltion concerns also these two units in TLR campaign.

    And now some idea: it would be cool to replace some units with doubtful historical accuracy with more accurate ones. I have Germanic and Nordic pikes in my mind. For Germanic factions it would be decent to put into pikes place some real infantry skirmisher unit of similar quality as Thrall skirmishers (we are talking about exchanging tier 1 unit with different tier 1 unit, after all). Germanic factions do not have currently any real infantry skirmishers ( well, there are Germanic Brigands, but usually once recruitable, they are already in their mounted versions, and as infantry they are useless anyway- too expensive, especially in the early game, and there is no use of them with their 4 javelins) while in AoC every their far descendant have a lot of infantry skirmishers in their rosters. For the Norsemen, I am not sure to be honest - maybe, some cost-effective, low tier infantry unit similar to Celtic Woodrunners. I am not convinced also about Nordic factions having cavalry - AoC did a great thing in this regard, removing cavalry from Nordic roster, and making Kingdom of the Danes more unique in that matter.

    As a side note: I would normally just edit my previous post instead of making a new one, as I used to do. But I have realised, that a lot of time have passed since my last update, and since then a lot of new threads appeared in this section. Do not get me wrong guys, I really do appreciate the fact that you are still looking for and successfully find new bugs and glitches (especially in TLR/AoC, since I have not played these campaigns much,really). However, I still think that making a lot of small threads about a single bugs is not making life easier fot the CA, providing they will ever consider fixing/patching the game. I am pretty sure that Mr biohazardbgr created this thread in case of putting all of found bugs/glitches in one place. Not to mention, that reading another thread about 'color glitch in Thagaste region in TLR' (which was mentioned many times, including this thread) is getting repetitive and annoying as hell.

    Best wishes to the Community,
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    I appreciate your comments Demcik and admit that yes it was I who posted (admittedly a 2nd) thread on that one bug I've been encountering.

    I posted it more out of curiosity more than anything else, as I'm near to certain the Total War: Attila support forum has been all but abandoned by the forum staff from CA - presumably their focus has now shifted to Warhammer and (soon) Warhammer 2?
  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    photofox said:

    I appreciate your comments Demcik and admit that yes it was I who posted (admittedly a 2nd) thread on that one bug I've been encountering.

    I posted it more out of curiosity more than anything else, as I'm near to certain the Total War: Attila support forum has been all but abandoned by the forum staff from CA - presumably their focus has now shifted to Warhammer and (soon) Warhammer 2?

    No problem, photofox. I did not mean to offend anyone. Actually, the case with this bug and any other bugs that are frequently reported shows me clearly two things. First, that fans really care about the game so they want to have fixed all things even if it is just a cosmetic change (lets be honest - this colour glitch, though annoying, does not affect the gameplay at all). Second, that creators do not give half a damn about fixing things that have been reported for a long time. Strange and sad, especially for experienced and well-respected developers such as the CA. Hell, they do not want to fix issues that have been ****** up with recent patches.
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Registered Users Posts: 370
    After many failed attempts trying to contact CA and ask them to fix some of the glitches some guys from the forums help with some of the bugs. There is a solution to fix the seasons and the weather on the campaign map also the broken roman voices here is the solution it's simple one, you just need a terrain.pack from 1.3 version of the game

    Solution https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/187744/fixing-attila-campaign-lighting-by-modding#latest
  • BlaidBlaid Registered Users Posts: 5
    The only bug ive had that actually bothers me is ill have a son of age thas not a bastard and not adopted and i cant make him my heir...the game by default picked a bastard as my heir and now my legitimate son is on the statesman list...wtf is that...screws wqith my actual campaigns...this isnt a new bug ive had this problem since launch...you would think CA could patch some or most of the bugs listed in this forum...but nope theyve moved on to some gay fantasy genre now...nevermind the historical stuff thats made them who they are
  • biohazardbgrbiohazardbgr Registered Users Posts: 370
    I updated the Thread :)
  • 3dahs3dahs Registered Users Posts: 40
    CA has been getting worse and worse. Ive actually written a couple bugs on their totalwar warhammer forums and they don't reply there either. I just started playing attilla as ERE and found out that my invisible daughter eloped my governer. Who has now also become invisible and it's been a known bug for quite somwtime. How do they not fix these game breaking bugs. I'm about to stop buying their games. Which is sad really..
  • MorfansMorfans Registered Users Posts: 12

    3D models of secondary weapons like words/axes/daggers/etc have serious clipping issues.

    They should be immediate to spot and easy to fix, yet these bugs are everywhere.

    How come nobody cares ?!

  • DemcikDemcik Registered Users Posts: 125
    edited March 2018
    New bugs and glitches, this time with some screens (this is why I am making a new post, instead of editing previous one):

    * Some Hunnic/WH units (Steppe lancers, Steppe cataphracts and Steppe mounted tribespeople) have Fire whilst moving attribute even though they do not have projectiles.
    * Where is the boiling oil? As far as I remember, gates had boiling oil at release.
    * +3 food bonus for researching all tier 2 Hunnic civil technologies or +5 food for researching all tier 4 Barbarian civil technologies are minimal, and thus ridiculous. 30 or 50 food would make a difference.
    * Now a lot of issues regarding fleets. Some marines have invisible projectiles before throwing, on ship and disembarked. These units are: Elite Sassanid Heavy Marines and all melee Slavic marines. Additionaly, Elite Western Heavy Marines, hold in their hands normal javelins before throwing, even though they are supposed to have plumbatae (in fact, once thrown, 'javelins' become plumbatae)

    * All artillery marines have 22 speed value after disembarking (it should be higher, indeed they move much faster than this 'supposed to be' 22 value)
    * All marines, that are armed with spears, (like, for example Eastern light boatmen) after disembarking are tagged as melee infantry, even though they have proper spear damage values, bonus vs cav and even expert charge defence attribute.

    * On the other hand, Mercian marine units from AoC, are properly marked as melee sword infantry and have correct damage of 40, but they have incorrectly spear on their unit tab picture.

    * Desert corsair bowmen are bugged, they are supposed to have normal short bow, but before shooting, they are holding composite bows

    * Byzantine marines, both from Greek fire ship and melee ship, are supposed to be the same unit after disembarking, but they have different speed value, and thus one is light and one heavy infantry unit. Other stats also vary quite a lot. And again, one from melee ship has invisible javelins before throwing.

    * Slavic chosen boatmen are classified as light infantry after disembarking, even though they still have 32 speed value and are heavier armed than Slavic marauders

    * Slavic marauder archers after disembarking belong to heavy archers even though they have 38 speed value, which seems proper for them (light archers). There is also a graphic issue concerning their bows. According to their unit picture, they should have longbows. However, they are visible only during shooting, otherwise they handle normal short bows. The same issue BTW concerns Chosen Slavic naval archers - they are supposed to have composite bows, but except for shooting they just hold short bows.

    * Sinope region has wrong pre/post battle tab wrong name Amasea

    * Another units that have invisible projectiles before throwing: Steppe chieftain and Tuareg camel spearmen

    * Bosphoran warriors have glitched animation before throwing their javelins

    * Some bugs with Roman Expedition units. The same issue I have reported already with Bucellarii guard axemen is presented with Skutatoi axemen too (they hold their pilae before throwing like franciskas, and in air pilae are changing into ordinary javelins). Foederati are supposed to have pilae, but hold in their hand normal javelins before throwing. All "pilae" from Roman expedition units change in air into normal javelins.

    * The fact that some barbarian and eastern marine units have plumbatae is strange. Plumbata should be restricted only for Romans (with Vandals being an obvious exception due to their faction trait), and these projectiles should be exhanged for something else (heavy javelin maybe?). The units I have in mind are: Desert heavy corsairs, Chosen Germanic boatmen, Elite Visigoth marines and Chosen Slavic boatmen.
    * Mercenary version of eastern naval hurlers has replenish ammo ability, unlike its version available to Sassanids and desert kingdoms
    * Polish version of Mercenary Persian mounted bowmen has word 'nejemni' should be 'najemni'
    * Another suggestion how to make Suebi roster more unique: replace Noble Suebi swordsmen and Royal Suebi cav accessible for Vandals with unique Vandalic units from TLR campaign, and then units mentioned above will be only available for Suebi in the GC.
    * Bows that Taifali cav, Clibanarii, Bucellarii and Elite Sarmatian cataphracts have, are completely useless atm with just 1 or 2 arrows. To be at least minimally useful as damage weapon they should have more ammo (like Spahbed/Savaran Sardar) or, like some Hunnic/Avari shock and melee cav these units should have Fire whilst moving attribute so they could soften enemy units with whistling shot before final charge.
    * Honestly saying, I wonder if it is a bug, or just another Legendary difficulty handicap. All Hunnic infantry and horse archers have poor rate of fire whilst in Custom Battle, all ot them have excellent rate of fire (or at least it is not poor)

    * Steppe Horse Archers have invisible melee weapons in close combat (they are supposed to have spears)

    * Mercenary and recruitable versions of Steppe Raiders have different unit tiers (first and second), even though they are the same unit technically

    * Practically, all Sassanid units with bows hold different bow before shooting, and different one during fire animation (mostly colour is different). The same issue concerns also Spet Xion Archers. UPDATE: It seems that bow issue is much more common, most 'basic' Hunnic units (basic steppe units) suffer from it, Taifali cav, all new Alani horse archers and Elite cataphracts.

    * Practically all units that posses Roman type javelin (70 missle damage) share glitch, where pilum has only proper model before throwing. While thrown, it becomes ordinary javelin. These units are Cohors, Eastern Armoured Legio, and three units from TLR (Antesignani and two axe infantry units). Everything is wrong about this aspect with Foederati from TLR.

    * Ravenna Elite Ballistarii has strange animation while shooting their crossbows. Bolts are placed in crossbowmen legs instead of being in crossbow.

    * Light Moorish Cavalry has Sassanid Commander, instead of Moorish or Vandalic one.

    * Underwater blurs are extremally ugly

    * Factions from TLR and AoC have no pre- and post-battle affiliation banner (Slavs already have the same bug post battle)

    * Another units with bow issue: Armoured Sagittarii from TLR before shooting has normal bow, it should be composite bow. Elite Sagittarii (Ostrogothic Kingdom) shares this issue. Aksumite Spice Guard also, according to unit tab and damage should use composite bow, but wields normal one before shooting.

    * Noble Javelinmen unit (Ostrogothic Kingdom) has invisible melee weapon (accordint to stats and animation it should be a spear

    * Units speed issue, this time from TLR: Vandal Horsemen unit is heavy melee cav unit but has 80 speed value. Vandali Comitatus is very heavy melee cav with 70 speed.

    * And now speed values for AoC. In AoC speed values for infantry are following: very light (40), light (38), medium (35), heavy (32) and very heavy (30). As for cavalry, very light (100), light (90), medium (80), heavy (70) and very heavy (65) - BTW these cavalry speed values were at release valiant for cav units in GC and they were fine, I wish they would back, no 45 overkill for some cav units. For most units, these values are ok, except for: all Avar horse archers (very light version has 90 speed, should be 100 and two other heavy have 65 speed, should be 70), Kingdom of Mercia Select Archers (38 speed, should be 40) and Kingdom of Asturias Ambushers (35 speed, should be 38)

    * These units in Polish should be named respectively: Longobardowie z maczugami, Topornicy z Lombardii

    * All crossbow units on heavy shot can ignite trees (and possibly buildings, though I did not test it)

    * Some units have invisible arrows before shooting: Clibanarii, Hunnic Warlord (yeah, infamous Hunnic Warlord), First Wave Lancers and Hunnic Ambushers.

    * There is a huge bug "inherited" from Rome II (it is also there). All horse skirmishers (but not horse archers) including camels, that posses Parthian shot ability, do not turn themselves before throwing javelins at enemies behind them. This bug does not include archers. I took some pictures of different units, but trust me, all cav skirmishers are affected by this annoying glitch. It kills immersion big time, because it is unrealistic. This is the way missle cav should behave:

    Instead, it is like this:

    All missle cavalry units and some other cav units (armed with bows as additional range weapon) have a strange animation, once they are out of ammo they should immidately change weapons for melee ones by default, instead they change it only for direct combat and charge, which looks stupid and unnatural. It is also Rome II heritage

    * There are at least two units in the game that should wield shield (they have proper animation and in fact shield modifier is implemented in their description) but somehow we can not spot that shield in game. These units are Thanukhid Badyia Skirmishers and TLR Hippo Toxotai

    * Steppe Shield Archers have invisible melee weapon (sword)

    * Issue I have reported above, some Roman emergent factions have Berber roster

    And finally, some screens of bugs/glitches I have mentioned in my previous posts, mostly showing how bugged Alani fleet is.

    Ok, it seems that Alani fleet case is even worse, after disembarking. It shares a lot common bugs with Slavic fleet, and general barbarian fleet issues (Greek fire ships, Roman type ships, ramming ships). So all archers suffer from 'bow issue' mentioned above. Marauder Bowmen and Marauder Bows should have normal bows, as they have while shooting, Marauder Archers should have longbows not only while shooting (question is though, is it proper for steppe faction to use longbow...) and in the end Chosen Naval Archers change their composite bow during shooting

    As for melee marines, all of them have invisible projectiles before throwing, and Chosen Boatmen again use plumbatae. Obviously, there are other issues I have already mentioned like invisible/wrong weapons.

    Also Jamal Al Rumha strange shield behaviour. UPDATE: Imperial Dromedarii (both ERE and Roman Expedition types) are also affected by this glitch. And Sogdian Camel Warriors, while throwing javelins( which are invisible before throw, BTW)

    Similar glitch with TLR units I mentioned before, Bucellarii Guard Axemen

    Some terrarin bugs that, frankly speaking, are still quite common in this game

    Cav glitch I have mentioned somwhere above in other post

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    Thread updated, because many new issues have been added.
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    and CA still give a **** about it XD
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    I already posted god knows how many bugs and I have noticed quite a few bugs with the battle menu where it disappears from manual battle and pictures and icons become missing or distorted....
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