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(Request, Or help.) Warrior Priest Units.

ThelThel Registered Users Posts: 9
Warrior Priests. They're awesome. The armor is spot on amazing and especially so in the game. I am looking to either get help making it myself. Or someone to take some time and create the mod.

The idea is to have a Cavalry unit and an infantry unit with Warrior priest armor.
Cavary would have a spear and various empire shields. (Not the lance the typical cavalry uses. They seem clunky)
Second would be a spear/shield unit of infantry with the Warrior priest armor.
Third would be a sword/shield unit of infantry with the warrior priest armor.
Fourth would be a two handed sword unit with the warrior priest armor.

Looked around for some guides on creating custom units and found a lot with Rome 2 and Atilla, just nothing with Warhammer. Never made a mod before but TWW seems like a great place to start. So, if someone could make the mod like that or a quick tutorial of programs needed to create a custom unit that'd be awesome! (Please god no poofy hats!)

Having the assembly kit on release helps. It's just not very noob friendly.



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