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In ProgressEnd Turn Crash

AlecChristophorouAlecChristophorou Registered Users Posts: 6
edited June 2016 in Crashes
Build Number: v1.0.0 Build 9738.876614

Detailed Description:

I am 256 turns into my Vampire Counts campaign with my difficulty set to Hard. Every time I end my turn the AI cycles through and by the end of the cycle (sometimes at the first race, sometimes the last) it crashes. The Campaign is coming to an end and there are only a few factions left (around 10) - Empire, Greenskins, Bretonnia, Karak Norn, Wissenland, Skaeling, Varg and Estalia (that I know of).

I have tried altering the outcome by changing my move on that turn, attacking armies, changing research, buildings, etc. and none of it worked.

I have checked the usual reasons:
- Graphics Card Driver
- Mods
- "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache"
- Deleted local files and re-downloaded/installed the game

None of these worked.

I even installed the game on another PC and opened the Cloud Saved Game and it resulted in the same outcome. Leading me to conclude that it is the game that is the issue.

I am unsure how to attach the relevant files/information that are required.

There is no crash_report folder in my %appdata% folder so I could not provide the Mini Dump Files.
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