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Need help with green skin!

begrom23begrom23 Registered Users Posts: 9
Like the title says, having a rough time starting out on a campaign. I have learned to ignore the dwarves on the north side and try expand south, then sweep west for the savage orc tribe. However about 20 turns in the dwarves like to come and sack me with their pal on the east side. So how can I defend myself?

I try to rush tech for the catapult armor Pierce but it's hard to get the growth to do it. I snatch up the first province that I start in and try to get the one where the crooked moons are, no problem. But that's when the dwarves come in.

Next idea, rush the tier 3 capital for orc boar Boyz, strengths of them; anti-infantry shielded armor piercing. I thought it would work great , so I fight a not full stacked dwarf fight, against my 20 with at least 4-5 of the orc board and get my ass handed to me. So what's the deal here? Should I just migrate with a full stack and forget he province, it's a wonderful spot for wealth. The black orcs with immortals even got their ass whooped by a squad of dwarf fighters (non great weapon).


  • CrymsanCrymsan Registered Users Posts: 29
    Its not very orcish but try diplomacy do try to only be at war with one faction at a time so you pick your fights. You also create difficulties if you expand too fast, you do not have the funds to expand the buildings and your army cannot cover it all. For cash and getting a waagh going consider sacking towns as well. Usually when the first waagh happens I then try and use the double stack to attack the dwarf stronghold.
  • douriel1douriel1 Registered Users Posts: 16
    So here's what ya 'av to do. Take Grimgor and a lot of boyz. Like, a lot. Ally whatever tribe you can, then head north. Plunder some Dwarven cities without walls, get Grimgor nice and strong. In every battle, just let Grimgor stomp the enemy leader, and charge with the boar boyz into the back of the stunties. Also let some boyz go around the flanks, you are faster than the stunties, and can easily get into their backs. And Grimgor should never be afraid. I charge him and his immortulz into the enemy army , and he is soon surrounded. But just make sure he focuses on the enemy leader, and he will get the job done. After the leader is dead, just mop up the routing stunties.
    After you've sacked some minor cities you have lots of teef, and Grimgor should be a beast. Now you can destroy every stack 1v1 the stunties throw at you. The dwarves were annihilated by turn 50 in my campaign.
  • WudgluWudglu Member Da BadlandsRegistered Users Posts: 395
    Take out the Dwarfs early. I conquered Karaz-a-karak by turn 12 in one of my games with Grimgor, a Waaaagh and a small army gained by confederation.
    Don't war against other greenskins. Make mates with them and confederate. Rotgut and his boyz? Sack and smash their villages and armies until they want to confederate.
    Get the Savage boyz early in order to get some of those savage boyz.
  • FuzziLogikFuzziLogik Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 71
    /agree with WoOd. Just zerg Karaz-a-karak fast. Make non-aggression pacts with all Orcs, get them later through confederation. I'm just starting Greenskins now on hard. I had a failed attempt to more North fast, but my Waaaaagh did not path like I expected and 2 1/2 dwarf stacks wiped me out. That is the right idea though, lol.
  • begrom23begrom23 Registered Users Posts: 9
    That is some sound advice. Little question, is the battle only based on killing their leader to make them route? Because my orc boar Boyz charge the flanks of the missile infantry to tie them up, but still die. And when you say rush the mountain are you making a full stack first? My waaagh didn't help me in an underground battle is that normal, I think it was a interception.
  • FuzziLogikFuzziLogik Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 71
    I think two full stacks plus a waaaaagh should be enough (it should be noted that I haven't actually managed this yet due to the need for sleep :open_mouth: ). I don't believe there are ever reinforcements in underway battles, someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    On your comment about the dwarf missile infantry not breaking, the dwarves seem to have the best leadership/moral of any race. This is much more important in the early game. So the plan in battle is definitely to kill their lord early. This doesn't seem to be too hard against the AI, as they almost always charge right into the middle of your line. After that, it shouldn't be too hard to break those missiles.
  • begrom23begrom23 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Alright sounds pretty good, I assume it's a race to kill their leader before my Boyz die yeah? As far as cavalry am I playing it right by throwing them into the missile units just to tie them up I until said lord is dead. The struggles!
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