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Units made of two different types of soldiers - Read desc

cjriocjrio Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
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For the next game, especially if it is in the early modern era, would it be possible to create a combined unit consisting of two different types of soldiers.

For example, a Spanish Tercio. You would recruit a Tercio and on the battlefield it would have a mix of pikemen and musketeers in it. You could set it as a square and the musketeers would automatically retreat to the interior of the square when enemies came close.

Or a knight-squire unit. Historically knights and squires rode in together and fought side-by-side.

Militia unit with a mix of spears, swords, clubs.

The possibilities are vast.

Having unique units composed of two different soldier types would be an innovative experiment making for some fresh and interesting game-play.
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  • CnConradCnConrad Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,197
    I disagree.

    We don't need ranged units that are also somehow anti cav.

    We already have dwarf archers that are decent in melee.

    It's much better and straight forward gameplay to keep each unit separate.
  • cjriocjrio Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 13
    CnConrad said:

    I disagree.

    We don't need ranged units that are also somehow anti cav. .

    Historically that's why armies went from heavy cavalry/ knight focused to primarily infantry based (in addition to star forts coming around) in the late renaissance period.

  • Lexen_RapierLexen_Rapier Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 264
    I agree - although not for the above suggestions.

    I want squig-herders and clan moulder pack-master units. I also hope to see skink goaders for salamanders.

    These all require two model types to create.

    Significantly however, these implementations would not substantially change the use of a unit (unlike the musketeers and pikemen suggestion) - clam moulder pack-masters primarily serve the role of handlers but mainly counter the same things as giant rats or rat ogres - their effect is mainly visual.

    Squig herders would function more like crew for seige engines, when they die/break - the squigs would then run around wild - but functionally it would be like having a two stage unit the way siege engines now are, where you first break the engines then get a much worse unit left over.

    Salamandar's are a siege unit - so they'd function like crew (although salamanders go wild and may still do damage - unlike broken siege engines).

    I don't object to the ideas in the above post - but none of them feature in the warhammer world.
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