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I've waited 15 years for this game!

AghrivaineAghrivaine Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
I've played TW since the first Shogun. One of my happiest gaming memories was annihilating an enemy army with one unit of samurai archers perched on a cliff. And since the moment I played Shogun: Total War, I told my friends - "They should really do this for Warhammer."

I played the heck out of "Shadow of the Horned Rat" back in the day, and have longed for the perfect combination of strategic map planning, building an army out of the myriads of Warhammer troop types, and the tactical play that TW does so very, very well.

Well, you absolutely killed it, CA! It's been 15 years waiting, but well worth it - this is already my favorite TW title ever, and I can't wait to see how it deepens and expands as you continue to support it.

My problem? I had to leave for a work trip to London for a week, and I'm away from my computer where I can actually play the game!

Well done. Well done indeed!

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