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Cinematic Hero Actions

Xander563Xander563 Registered Users Posts: 4
I remember one of the other Total Wars having cinematic actions, such as when a spy tried assassinating some one (Piece of string from ceiling with poison drop running down it).

Would be really cool if some one did this in TW:Warhammer. You could have a banshee gliding through a wall to kill some one, but if they failed a crystal could begin to glow indicating the presence of evil? Wight Kings could do some big magic thing that damages Units. Each unit could get their own collection of cinematic that would make it really cool.

Other than that, epic game. Love it. Really hope others think this is a good idea. I remember the cinematic during the trailers and they looked pretty cool.


  • Tanith89Tanith89 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I agree i would love some cinematics for hero actions and maybe even some for major diplomatic actions like joining confederations. If you subjugate you get a a cinematic of an Empire/ Vampire/ Bretonnian signing an agreement or something looking annoyed.
    Would be cool to see
  • Xander563Xander563 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Joining a confederation could be awesome. Massive field of units all cheering as two leaders are at the front signing something.
  • BuRnInICEBuRnInICE Junior Member QLD, AustraliaRegistered Users Posts: 18
    I'm surprised to not see this in the game straight off from the start especially being a Warhammer theme, it needs some lore videos badly! - Gotta see some assassination, sabotage videos, some cutscenes for campaign events. Like Chaos rising. It's pretty cheap that there has only been banners :( Really hope this can be added.
  • SpaceOrcSpaceOrc Registered Users Posts: 17
    Those cinematics get old after you see them a couple of times, maybe some more artwork would be nice but their artists will be better used to make more models for new armies and units etc.

    Also, this game is not human vs human, so simple assassination would require 5 different movies against al lother races already, and the number will go up. Feasibility is near zero in this one.
  • Xander563Xander563 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Just because it's a bit of work doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. And a simple option in the settings to disable it would get around some people not wanting to see the cinematics too many times.

    Perhaps some one could pick it up as a mod?
  • BuRnInICEBuRnInICE Junior Member QLD, AustraliaRegistered Users Posts: 18
    edited June 2016
    I can see it would take decent time but Warhammer is a lore based game. They could have had great fun imagining and creating these videos. Which is why I'm surprised it wasn't included from the start. That general feeling of what each race is known for just adds a great overall touch to the game. Complete feeling to it. Even some comedy, sinister trickery, boasting, excitement, failure. At the moment it feels pretty much like Attilla reskinned by good artists. Banners galore.

    Even in Shogun 2 I would skip the videos by pressing the esc key once. This was after i'd seen them enough. Then every now and then I'd feel like watching them again and not skip :)

    Seeing a necromancer do something amazing would be great. Or an orc break ****. Banshee using her ethereal talents for advantage etc.
  • MerwanorMerwanor Member Registered Users Posts: 464
    There is a general lack of cinematics in this game. There are some really nice intros to the game but there aren't even campaign victory cinematics which has been a thing for a long time. The game is awesome, but there are these small details and extra flair that is just missing from it to make it truly amazing.

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