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Can I play Medieval: Total War on Linux?

calumuk93calumuk93 Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm a huge fan of the first Medieval: Total War, but unfortunately I can't play it since I switched from Windows to Linux. Is there a way that I can still play it? I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and I still have the game and the Viking Invasion expansion in disc form. Thanks.


  • jmel01jmel01 Registered Users Posts: 2
    hopefully this is still useful.

    I use wine version 1.8-staging and my os is lubuntu which is Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. according to the command lsb_release -a

    in order to cycle though different wine versions I use play on linux.

    current glitches are that i cannot place my armies during battles. units can be set to attack but they cannot be placed in a position or advanced. The regular map runs fine and battles can be auto-fought.

    if anyone has a better way by all means improve my method.
  • jmel01jmel01 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I forgot... i am running the file via an old CD of MTW1 gold edition. i am also able to run rome but on a different wine version
  • Babu_the_BoldheartBabu_the_Boldheart Registered Users Posts: 2
    yes im running medieval gold {previouse edition ticked}
    choose proton option with steam=play,, in steam i have mine on 3.7version i believe!, anyhow just choose the bottom one on the list.
    i also found if u deselect tabs at the top with f5 u get no stutter in game
    you can also run it with lutris steam-wine runner this option also runs as good if not slightly better and allows the Alt+tab which toggles to allow full screen after you choose back to the desktop running the game. hope this helps

    im running ubuntu 16.04 game-pack ive also had it run on ubuntu 18.04 lts version lust as well

    on old dell inspiron n5030 laptop with GM45 graphics duel core cpu 2.5... t9300 if i remember correctly black western digital 720 rpm 320 Gb also worked same on toshiba 80GB hdd that was from an old ps3on and one 4gb ram stick

    i did have problems at first tho with help from you-tube guides on you-tube i managed to get the steam working as good as tho with set black boarder down each side of the screen that seem fixed n non negotiable.

    lutris i found easy once i learned about the ALT+TAB option which is the case for some laptops

    oh added note! have in-game option resolution both set the same. i have 800x600 as some say they dont get crashes on that setting., {BTW this is only for more realistic graphics improvements not to change screen size}.

    so give it a go as u never know n if it loads up then great! if it has an issue chance's are there is a fix or configuration to solve it that someone else has found.

    Good Luck :sweat_smile:

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