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Multiple mods affecting same table causing conflict

MolayMolay Registered Users Posts: 16

I'm working on a mod reworking spells and another reworking legendary lord artefacts.
For some effects on the artefacts, I need to edit the same tables I edit in my spell mod.

I would like to be able to offer those mods separately, but it being possible for both to run at the same time without causing conflict (conflict appears to be that the changes of the artefacts mod are overwritten by the spell mod, hence certain effects I added don't apply when both are active, for example, Sword of Unholy Power freezing fatigue for Mannfred while in combat).

Is it possible to keep the mods modular, or is the only option to merge them and create a separate mod combining the two, hence adding another mod to the workshop and further splitting the subscriber base?

I also had the same issue with my mods that spread corruption; one spreads Chaos Corruption from Chaos Rifts, the other Vampire Corruption from regular ruins. I had to make a third mod combining the two, else the Vampire Corruption Mod would not work,

If anybody could help me out here, that would be much appreciated.



  • MolayMolay Registered Users Posts: 16
    Perhaps a member from Paradox Staff can confirm whether this is working asintended, or whether there is a way to work around this restriction? (Applying all the changes from the mods one after another, specifying order in which mods should be loaded, ...?)
  • BheringBhering NorwayRegistered Users Posts: 198
    I'd really like to see this petition resolved. The issue impacts a whole lot of mods.
  • ChuggerUggersChuggerUggers Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi Molay,

    I'm actually the author of a mod that was conflicting with yours and I've just resolved it successfully, so I think I can help you out!

    The first thing to ensure compatibility is to rename your db/table/data to something non generic, for every table that you've edited (using PackFileManager from TWC). Without doing this any mod that edits the same table and also hasn't renamed the data will cause a CTD on startup (speaking from experience ;D).

    Next, there is a way for you to separate your mods but it is a bit of a hassle. Basically, you want your data tables to only contain data that you yourself have edited, by deleting every other entry. In your case (from looking at your pack files when trying to solve compatibility) you edit/add the skill effects and items effects, so for one you would edit items and delete everything else, and the other you would edit skills and delete everything else. The final step would be simply to ensure that your data files aren't named identically (for the same reason as outlined above).

    In your case, especially given you change so much (and so will invariably conflict with most mods that do the same thing as they'll certainly edit the same lines) it might be easier (quicker and less complex) to assign one mod as like, a master table, where you don't delete anything at all (E.G spells). You then make your second mod's table contain only its relevant changes (items), deleting everything else. The most important step if you wanted to do this is to ensure proper load order, you want your 'master' table (spells) to load first, so that the other mod overwrites only the items, leaving your spells intact. This is done alphabetically A->Z, for the data files itself, not the overall pack. so as long as you were to name it amolayspells_data and bmolayitems_data or something similar you'd ensure proper load order and it should all mesh together.

    I've also tested and if you make a mod and delete everything but the changes the game will look to the vanilla version for all other lines, which is why your items could exist alone.

    Hope this helps! I should probably put a disclaimer that I'm not 100% certain it will work for you, but assuming the two mods never edit the same line you should be in the clear.
  • MolayMolay Registered Users Posts: 16
    Thanks ChuggerUggers! I will look into it; although maintaining compatibility and keeping the mods seperate sounds like a much more hassle then I'm will to go through :) Thanks letting me know, though!

    I'll have a look at that PFM; never used it before. So basically I just rename the tables I modifiy and I should be good to go, yes? I will give it a try.
  • MolayMolay Registered Users Posts: 16
    So, I'm not quite now what to do.
    I've loaded my mod in the PFM manager. It shows me all the tables I edited.

    Would I rename all of those tables, then?

    projectiles_tables => molay_projectiles_tables
    special_ability_phases_tables => molay_special_ability_phases_table

    And that would be it to ensure compatibility?
  • MolayMolay Registered Users Posts: 16
    Clarification for other people: One should rename the underlying "data" table, to for instance "molay_data" or something like that.

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