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Unit formations

BisaarBisaar Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
I was quite disappointed to find out that there are no unit formations WHTW. I don't know if there are any in the tabletop, but even if there arent any, I don't think its a good reason to make a total war game without them.

Loose formation(honestly, I think we have been over it in Rome2). How am I supposed to attack ranged units without cavalry if cant sent my infantry to loose formation?

Wedge formation. Yes cavalry is overpowered as it is, but wedge formations just look so cool :)

It would be also nice to have some kind of shieldwall/testudo-like formation for the dwarfs.

Unit formations give the player a lot more flexibility in using his units, and I would really like to see them back(maybe except for the green-skins, its just too complicated for them :) )


  • TarvosTarvos Member Registered Users Posts: 139
    I would really like to see formations, but it could be that the licence owners didn't want them in the game. I know no other reason, why they are not already in the game. I mean every other Total War game had them.

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