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Sieges, Attrition and Aggressive Agents.

Matex600Matex600 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in Feedback & Suggestions
Hello and thanks for reading through this post it is my first on these forums :smile:

Sieges and Attrition
1. Why are sieges not done in small towns even if they have no walls ( I know you can get defensive buildings but It would make defending easier if you could try to hold the enemy at the streets)
2. Siege attrition is a little too high if the AI doesn't sally forth in a turn half of their army dies of starvation which makes it too easy in my opinion ( tested on Normal - Very Hard).
3. Sacking destroys a tier of the main town which doesn't make any sense and after getting sacked a couple of times your Tier V settlement goes down to Tier III and takes ages to build up again, make it so you damage the building and have to pay X amount of money and wait X amount of turns for it to repair.

Aggressive Agents
1. Once you start hitting mid-late game the map is infested with high level agents in particular Chaos agents which are level 20 + and can't be killed so they camp cities and destroy buildings same like with sacking and/or keep assassinating your faction leader which can get really frustrating.

This is my first feedback post I will try to update as I have more suggestions
Keep up the good work CA


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