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In ProgressMonstrous Flying Units unable to hit single models

ShyntilShyntil Registered Users Posts: 187
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Happened to me countless times now. A monstrous flying unit (doesn't matter if an hero on a monstrous mount or somethin like a terrorgheist) is unable to hit a low health model (most likely an hero) that's routing. They will keep jumping in the air and diving down and following him without being able to finish them off for a ridicolous amount of time ( i usually find myself stopping chasing them or using a spell to finish them off wich is awful). This happens when you also outspeed them by far so it's not like you can't reach them.

This should be fixed asap because it can potentially change the outcome of a battle.
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  • Lexi_CALexi_CA Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,531
    Thank you, I have informed the relevant team and they hope to investigate.
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