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ClosedCannot move armys or End Turn.Most possible cause mentioned.

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Description:The bug consists of,upon ending my turn and beginning,everything seems to function normally for a couple of seconds,until i am taken to the map screen(the one given on the top-right bar button),focusing and selecting the empire.After exiting the map,I couldn't move any armies or heroes,end turn or save.
I believe the cause may be linked to the fact that The Chaos Warriors were destroyed as a faction on this campaign,being given the Faction Destroyed warning at the beginning of the turn in question.Mind you, this is the turn in which the global event The Doom Tide begins.
In one of the many reloads I did,after ending my turn and beginning the next,I did not receive the Faction destroyed warning, and the bug did not occur.

Reproduction Steps:
-Using the save file given,simply end the turn.If The Chaos Warriors Faction is destroyed as it usually happens, the bug will occur.

Details of Solutions Attempted:
-In the reload in which the bug did not occur,i made a peace treaty with The Chaos Warriors and did not receive the Faction Destroyed the next turn,so the bug did not occur.But after some repetition i could not reproduce it,so i assume it was just some variation on the AI.
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