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@CA Battle Maps in Campaign mode improvement ideas

NigrinusNigrinus Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 60
First of all thanks for that amazing title. Playing it as much as I can.

Thing that I find needs some improvement are the battles. To be more precise the battlemaps.
In the campaign there are a lot battles taking place on a plain grassy land with some hills and here and there you see some farms or a small tower or ruin at the edge of the map.
While all of his is beautiful it just goes by barely noticed.
To improve these battlemaps it would be awesome to have some landmarks in the middle of the map (or at least more present than at the edges). Burning Farmhouses for immersion? Or a small stream or river once in a while. (crossable but with movement penaltys).
That would give the battlemaps some more of a strategic layer.

Meaningful battlemaps would be awesome. The time is right to improve that part of the game a bit more :smile:

Looking forward to all the DLCs and FLCs.


  • EvilAcidEvilAcid Registered Users Posts: 14
    Yep, this :) fully support!

    There need to be more strategic elements on the battle maps. Currently the battlemaps are looking all the same just with different graphics.
  • HighfistHighfist Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    Definitely. More rolling hills instead of just one that you both saddle around until you have the advantage. Would love to see more water featuring too.

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