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Slayer as an Agent

Jobin88#5767Jobin88#5767 Registered Users Posts: 8
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
I'm kind of bummed that the Dwarves do not have a reliable "Assassin" agent. This can make it increasingly difficult for the Dwarves to catch up to and isolate armies and this also means I don't have as an effective an answer against enemy agents.

The reason I put assassin in quotes is because I would like Slayers to fulfill this role.

The point of a slayer is to seek his (or her? I've neither seen nor heard of Dwarf females in my experience with this franchise) Mighty Doom. Got a Goblin Big Boss, Vampire, Banshee, Chaos Champion that has murdered or wounded your lords and legendary lords? What a great battle and a Mighty Doom!

Need someone to harass and stop an army in time for a throng to move in and wipe them out? What a great battle and a Mighty Doom!

Renaming the skill tree shouldn't be too much of an issue. Money by any other name pays just as well (dark energy, teeth, favor), so Doom Seeker can replace Assassinate. Someone can come up with better names for this than I.

This type of slayer would also be really fun to use on the battle field. Instead of Accusation/Spirit Leech/What have you, turn your Slayer agent into a whirling homing missile of death and destruction on his way to the other army's legendary lord.

One tricky thing to all of this is what to do with Thanes and Slayers that are already in the game. Not sure. Maybe we can come up with something together.

What are your thoughts? Basically I want Gotrek or Snorri. They're too much fun to just leave out.
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