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Balancing Update

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
Hi All,

The floors of Creative Assembly HQ are still shaking from constant clashes of steel and blasting of cannons that you’ve unleashed since we unleashed you on to the battlefields of the Old World some 20 days ago. In 20 days you fought over 106 million battles and started over 3.8 million campaigns, with no sign of war-fatigue in sight!

I know you would have liked us to respond here sooner, but the truth is our desks tremble every time you bring a Giant to fall, making it very hard to type. That and the usual restrictions on when we may share information, the time it takes to compare your thoughts with our stats, taking a couple of days off to play the game ourselves etc.

What I can say is that we’ve read about 90% of the balancing threads and are investigating a lot of different topics. Some have already been addressed, but didn’t make it into the Day 1 release. Others required your collective help to find – help for which we remain very grateful. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on specifics yet. Please be patient knowing that changes are incoming.

Going forward, there are three things that would help us even more and increase the readability of your threads:

1) Sum up your results.
There are some great examples of summary-threads, especially those that sum up pros and cons in one place. It gives a thread far more weight seeing that the OP did not just try to push his own agenda.

2) Cut the spam.
Check if there is already a thread about the topic you want to bring up. Don’t bump topics, it only results in bump-wars and has no positive effect on our likelihood of reading them.

3) Keep your threads civilised.
As in real life, ranters and trolls tend to discredit themselves and get ignored. We can open a rant and rave section for sharing personal frustrations, but the Balancing Area depends on rational discussions and analysis.

I leave you with a random statistic riddle to ponder over:

Which unit has the highest amount of average kills in quick battles, and can you touch it?

Keep up the shaking,

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