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A series focused on underwhelming TT units,their lore,and how amazing they are in the TW game!

Nelorix,the CaledonianNelorix,the Caledonian Senior MemberSerbia,Jagodina/Finland,JyväskyläRegistered Users Posts: 2,163
As the title says,from plastic to fantastic is focused on (mostly) underwhelming units from the tabletop - be it their cost inefficiency, bad rules or generally being a subpar choice - there was always something keeping them down from seeing regular play.

By the luck of the draw it turns out that quite a few such units actually ended up being amazing in Total War: Warhammer. We'll take a look at the lore,stats and tactics from both game types, as well as ways to counter them.

If you haven't had much experience with the TT, or just want to stare at Chaos Spawn booty,this is just for you !

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