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Additions to Diplomacy

hagglesalothagglesalot Registered Users Posts: 13
edited August 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
Currently the many options of asking factions to cease relations with certain other factions is very good, however I would like to see the opposite (positive) options of these trade deals.

Make trade agreement with...
Make non-aggressive pact with...

Positive negotiations help make true confederations.

These items below have generally been found in Total war games, but have been left out in Warhammer.

Trading regions...

Although confederation envelops your allies (or weakened neutrals / enemies), I would like the option to trade regions, especially post-war with neighboring factions.

This would also include the option after conquering a town to return it to the previous owner

Barak-Varr losses region to orcs, region conquered by dwarves, return to barak-varr for increased relations.

Make peace with...

A very simple change, but making peace with an enemy only to watch them devour your allies the next few turns is irritating, it would be nice to force your enemies to make peace treaties with your smaller allies when they do so with you.

Alternatively throwing money at some minor warring factions to cease war with each other could be helpful when the chaos invasion occurs.

Become vassal...

This has been removed with allies of the same faction and replaced with confederation. It is so much more beneficial in harder difficulties to utilise vassals.

- Trade income from friendlies. (Especially for Thorgrim's book of grudges quest late game)
- Less army upkeep. (less lords = less % increase of army costs)
- Management of less provinces increases battle time.
- Allows for continuation of diplomatic niceties.

Although once again, this places the biggest problem on Thorgrims quests for control of 4/5 provinces. (which i feel needs changing).
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